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Boise is a culturally vibrant city with many services and programs for our community members. In addition to focusing on the basics, like public safety, transportation and water – a unique and livable city is defined by the quality of its art and the richness of its history. The 2019 Cultural Survey asks questions about general awareness, cultural vibrancy and communication related to the city’s cultural opportunities. Answers from the survey will help us better understand how the city can serve you now and in the future.

The 2019 Cultural Survey starts September 9 and closes September 30. The following letter has been sent to at least 4,000 households in order to achieve a representative sample. Emails and phone calls are also being used to reach residents and/or follow up on letters that were sent. If you have received the letter, we value your input and hope that you will respond. Didn't get a letter but still curious about the 2019 Cultural Survey? Click here to see the letter.

The survey is anonymous. 
To keep your responses completely anonymous and the results transparent, the City of Boise has hired COMENGAGE.US, a venture launched by Northwest Research Group, LLC (NWRG), which conducts the biennial comprehensive Citizen Survey for the City of Boise, to develop and host the survey.

Your responses to this survey are completely secure and confidential. All responses are combined with the responses of other residents, and your login number and any other identifying information will in no way be linked to the opinions you express.

Painting of houses and sidewalk
Community (2012) by Pat Kilby

Help and instructions

Contact information for technical support is listed below. Instructions for how to access the survey are in the letter you received. For more information on the survey and methods, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Technical Support

Nathan Wiggin, Research Director

Phone: (206) 489-2363

Email: nwiggin@nwresearchgroup.com

Questions for City Staff

Jennifer Yribar

Phone: (208) 972-8500

Email: communityengagement@cityofboise.org

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