Food Security

ARPA Food Security Funding

Access to affordable, nutritious, fresh, culturally appropriate, and locally produced food for all Boise residents is crucial to ensure a healthy and thriving community. The City of Boise is pleased to announce a grant in support of addressing food security needs among low-income individuals and families in the Boise, while strengthening the local food production and distribution systems. 

The grant will be awarded to one organization in two phases.

The first phase is focused on identifying an organization that will serve as a “Hub” and develop a strategic action plan that uses collaborative and innovative approaches to address food security needs among low-income individuals and families in Boise, while strengthening the local food production and distribution systems. The organization that is selected will receive a $150,000 grant to complete the Strategic Action Plan over the course of six (6) months, with an additional two (2) months for reviews and adjustments.  

Phase two will include a $1,350,000 to implement the program outlined in the Strategic Action Plan, as approved by the City of Boise.

Grant Information

Grant Period
September 16, 2022 – October 31, 2022

Application Deadline
October 31, 2022, at 10:59 p.m. (MDT)

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Applications are now closed.

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Eligibility Information

A. Eligible Applicants

  • “Hub” Organization (Lead Applicant)
    • Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status
    • For-profit organizations, including small businesses

Note: Individuals, grocery stores, and local famers/producers are not eligible to apply.

B. Eligible Activities and Expenses

Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Direct administrative expenses (e.g., staff time, fringe benefits, etc.)
  • Supplies (e.g., marketing materials, print materials, etc.)
  • Contractor and/or consultant fees
  • Indirect expenses (i.e., expenses that cannot be exclusively or directly allocated to the program)

C. Ineligible Activities and Expenses

Individuals, grocery stores, and local famers/producers are ineligible for this funding opportunity.

D. Required Registrations

Applicant organizations must complete and maintain the following registrations to receive an award. Registrations must be initiated prior to application and completed prior to award. Applicants are encouraged to begin the registration process as soon as possible to allow for processing time.

  • Unique Entity Identification (UEI) Number – Any entity that wishes to do business with the federal government and who will receive federal funds or a sub-award must have a UEI number. This applies to all applicants for the City of Boise’s Food Security Grant. After obtaining a UEI number, applicants can begin their SAM registration.
    • System for Award Management (SAM) – Applicants must complete and maintain an active registration, which requires renewal at least annually.

Note: While a Unique Entity ID (UEI) number is a requirement for grant applications, the City of Boise recognizes that many organizations are experiencing delays with obtaining a UEI as well as registration due to high demand. To aid in the application process, you may upload a copy of your UEI application/entity registration request as "submitted" or "pending" under “Supporting Documentation” in ZoomGrants.

E. Service Area

All projects included in the strategic action plan must provide services within Boise city limits.

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