Council Member Kathy Corless

District 3

Kathy Corless Headshot

Kathy Corless is a third-generation Boise resident, hailing from the scenic Boise Bench area. With a rich background deeply rooted in the local community, Kathy brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role. A Borah High alumna, Kathy, alongside her husband Len, is deeply engaged in the community, enjoying activities such as hiking the foothills and biking the greenbelt, while prioritizing the education and well-being of their two children. Their daughter Katie is an active participant in choir, tennis, and volleyball at West Junior High, having achieved her brown belt in Karate. Sebastian Huntley, graduated from Borah High and enlisted with the Idaho National Guard with the 25th Army Band and pursuing his studies at BSU. Kathy is committed to empowering the youth in our community, striving to cultivate opportunities and advocate for their rights.

Kathy has demonstrated unwavering commitment to social causes and community initiatives. She has been a vocal supporter of healthcare accessibility and LGBTQ+ rights, actively engaging in grassroots campaigns and community outreach efforts, including a prior role as president of South Cole Neighborhood Association.  Kathy fiercely defended community interests, notably championing efforts to preserve Murgoitio Park.

With a distinguished career spanning both private and public sectors, Kathy is committed to fiscal responsibility. Drawing on her extensive procurement experience, she emphasizes prudent spending and optimization of the city's budget. With academic qualifications in political science and economics from BSU and an MBA from NNU, Kathy advocates for data-driven decision-making to ensure effective governance.

Grounded in the values of compassion and generosity instilled during her upbringing in the Salvation Army church, Kathy remains deeply engaged in philanthropic endeavors. As a committed blood donor for the American Red Cross, she actively encourages community involvement in charitable causes.

With a diverse skill set, Kathy aims to ensure Boise remains a livable and accessible city for all, prioritizing housing affordability and the preservation and enhancement of parks and open spaces. She is committed to maintaining Boise's inviting atmosphere for present and future generations alike. Kathy was elected to the Boise City Council representing District 3 in November of 2023 and is serving a four-year term.

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