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Equal and clear access to public sidewalks is an integral part of movement for everyone. If you have encountered an obstructions that prevents accessibility, you can submit a complaint.

Vegetation, Trash/Recycling Containers and Snow

Overgrown hanging over sidewalk that prevents woman and service dog from walking on sidewalk.

Overgrown bushes hanging over sidewalks creates obstacles for people with guide dogs or those who use mobility devices such as a wheelchair or white cane.

A fallen trash can obstructing sidewalk making woman and service dog going into street to continue their walk.

A fallen trash can obstructs a sidewalk forcing a guide dog and handler to enter the street.

Red snow shovel shoveling sidewalk

Snow-free sidewalks support safe pathways for everyone.

The homeowner or neighboring property owner is responsible for ensuring that overgrown vegetation, snow, or containers do not obstruct the street or the sidewalk. Please work with the homeowner or the City of Boise’s Code Compliance team to resolve these sidewalk concerns.

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Parked Vehicles Obstructing a Sidewalk

A guide dog struggles to navigate around a truck that is parked over the sidewalk.

Vehicles parked over sidewalks creates obstacles for people with guide dogs or those who use mobility devices such as a wheelchair or white cane.

RV parked on sidewalk blocking right of way

Parking an RV over the sidewalk prevents people with disabilities, especially those who use mobility aides, from using the sidewalk fully.

White truck parked half way on sidewalk preventing full sidewalk availability

Parking your vehicle up on the sidewalk makes more street space but blocks pedestrians.

Parking RV’s or vehicles over or on the sidewalk prevents people with disabilities from safely navigating our neighborhoods. Contact the City of Boise’s Parking Enforcement team to report a parking violation.

Report Parking Violation

E-Scooters and E-Bikes

Electric Bird scooters on sidewalk downtown leaning against light pole blocking sidewalk

E-scooters and other clutter can block a wheelchair ramp from deploying onto a sidewalk.

Two Lime e-scooters on sidewalk in neighborhood blocking pathway

Parking in pedestrian paths makes travel difficult for people who have vision or mobility impairments.

If you see an e-device obstructing a public sidewalk or blocking access at an ADA parking stall, please notify the City of Boise’s Code Compliance team by filing a complaint.

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Sidewalks - Structural Issues

Man in wheelchair riding sidewalk with large tree root raising sidewalk causing obstruction

Significant bumps, cracks, slopes, or damage to sidewalks can be trip hazards or cause a wheelchair to tip.

ACHD maintains the structural integrity of most sidewalks and is responsible for ensuring it is in good repair.  Please work with the ACHD team to report structural sidewalk issues.

Ada County Highway District

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