Staffing Requirements

When determining the worker:child ratio (number of staff to children) within a licensed child care facility, each and every child under the age of thirteen (13) present at the facility shall be counted. This number includes the children of the child care provider and the children of any child care workers.

Only licensed child care workers, juvenile child care workers, and volunteers who are caring for children shall not be counted as staff in the ratio. Visitors shall not count in the worker:child ratio.

  • Volunteers must be supervised by a licensed worker at all times.
  • Juvenile child care workers must be supervised by a licensed worker at all times.
  • Visitors must be supervised by a licensed worker at all times.

Worker/Child Point System

The maximum allowable worker:child ratio shall not exceed twelve (12) points. The number of points is determined by using the following point system.

Number of Children Allowed

Number of Staff RequiredAge: Less than 2 yearsAge: 2 yearsAge: 3-4 yearsAge: 5-12 years
1Max of 5 ChildrenMax of 6 ChildrenMax of 10 ChildrenMax of 12 Children
2Max of 10 ChildrenMax of 12 ChildrenMax of 20 ChildrenMax of 24 Children
3Max of 15 ChildrenMax of 18 ChildrenMax of 30 ChildrenMax of 36 Children

Point System

If the worker:child point system contained in the Idaho Code is more restrictive than City Code, the Idaho Code shall be followed.

Each child in attendance under two years of age2.4 Points
Each child in attendance two years of age2 Points
Each child in attendance three or four years of age1.2 Points
Each child in attendance five years through 12 years of age1 Point

Accredited Montessori Schools

Montessori schools accredited by one (1) or more accrediting organizations shall not be required to comply with the worker:child point system above. Please refer to Boise City Code for further information or contact the City Clerk’s Office at (208) 972-8150.

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