Annual Budget: FY 2020

Message from the Mayor

The total fiscal year 2020 proposed budget is $764.7 million. It will be used to cover the costs of general government operations, including the airport and water renewal services. Tax-supported functions, the focus of this General Fund summary document, total $241.3 million. Those functions include public safety, open space management, libraries and a variety of other services - all essential elements of our work to create a healthy and caring community with a strong, diverse economy.

Our mission is to make Boise the most livable city in the country. We remain committed to providing the services and resources that make Boise a fantastic place to live, work and visit. With your involvement and support, I'm certain we'll achieve these goals.


Signature that reads David Bieter

David H. Bieter, Mayor

FY 2020 Budget

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Budget Workshop

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About the Annual Budget: FY 2020

The Strategic Framework

The Strategic Framework is comprised of eight specific goal areas that help guide our actions and allow us to evaluate our performance. These include:

Safe and Secure Community
Healthy Community
Responsible Built Community
Connected Community
Environmentally Sustainable Community
Strong, Diverse Local Community
Creative and Informed Community
Innovative and High Performing Organization

In addition to the framework, the City of Boise's bi-annual citizen survey helps guide our budget priorities and where we allocated resources.

General Fund

The General Fund finances the City of Boise's general governmental functions, including public safety, parks and libraries. It does not include funds designated for a specific purpose, such as the airport or water renewal services.

Breakdown of single dollar on how taxes are used: Police 31.9; Fire 24.5; Parks 13.1; Library 6.4; Contractual Services** 5.5; IT 4.0; Public Works 3.4; Finance & Admin 2.7; Legal 2.7; Planning & Development 1.6; Arts & History 1.1; HR 1.1; Mayor's Office 1.1; Comm Engagement 0.6; City Council 0.3
Pie chart that breaks down where the money comes from: Property Tax 66.1%; Sales Tax 8.1%; Franchise Fees 2.3%; Liquor Tax 1.8%; Department Revenue 11.6%; Development Fees 4.3%; Other Revenue 1.3%; Fines/Forfeitures 1.2%; Internal Charges 3.4%
Where the Money Comes From
Pie chart that shows where the money goes: Personnel 67.6%; Maintenance and Operations 25.2%; Transfer to Capital 7.2%
Where the Money Goes

Total FY 2020 Budget*

General Fund
Enterprise and Other Funds
Total FY 2020 Budget

Capital Projects

The City of Boise uses capital funds to make significant investments in our community. Learn more about projects happening around the city, and in your neighborhood.

View Projects

Sidewalk through grass with blue sky
Franklin Park

Enterprise and Other Funds

Enterprise Funds are designated for a specific purpose and are self-sustaining via charges for services and/or federal funding. Examples include the airport, geothermal, solid waste management and water renewal services.

Pie chart that shows Enterprise and Other Funds: Airport $84,962,897; Capital $23,599,018; Water Renewal $87,261,568; Solid Waste $37,283,073; Health Trust $19,422,000; Housing $5,749,040; Risk Mgmt $5,322,756; Debt Service $4,076,783; Fleet Services $3,570,060; Other $1,326,772; Geothermal $784,405

Levy Rate Comparison

The levy rate includes multiple taxing districts and is used to calculate the amount of taxes a property owner is responsible for. The total levy comparison compares the normal Boise resident total tax rate against other cities.

Pocatello $21.88; Twin Falls $18.97; Idaho Falls $18.47; Caldwell $18.20; Nampa $17.62; Boise $15.18; Garden City $14.76; Kuna $13.50; Coeur D'Alene $12.10; Meridian $11.67; Eagle $10.75

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