Capital Projects Overview

FY 2022 Budget book cover

Boise's FY 2022 Capital Fund Budget

The annual capital budget and five-year capital improvement plan (CIP) provide a framework for the city’s capital investments. As part of capital budget development, the city must prioritize how to allocate limited resources over a number of competing needs.

Projects and funding levels are prioritized utilizing several criteria, including, but not limited to: health and safety impacts; Boise residents’ priorities; Mayor and City Council priorities; alignment with development impact fee plans; the lifespan and current condition of existing assets; mandated improvements; project scope, feasibility, and level of resources required; coordination with other projects; master planning documents; availability of donations and grants; and alignment with the city’s Strategic Framework.

Citywide Projects

Neighborhood Projects

Download the FY 2022 Proposed Budget Book (PDF)

Citywide Projects

Not all projects are tied to specific neighborhoods, but instead benefit the city as a whole.

City of Boise skyline

Percent for Art

The "Percent for Public Art" ordinance requires the city to appropriate an amount equal to 1.0% of certain eligible capital expenditures to fund art in public places within the city.

ADA Transition Plan

The city is dedicated to providing full access to the City’s programs, services, recreational spaces and facilities for all people. As part of the FY 2020 Adopted Budget, the City Council approved funding for Human Resources and Public Works to begin a thorough evaluation of City facilities to identify barriers to access in accordance with human-centered design and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). City staff, facility stakeholders and community members with disabilities are working toward a remediation plan, which is anticipated to be completed by the end of calendar year 2021.

Permit Management System Enhancements

This project would provide funding for ongoing improvements to the City’s licensing and permitting system, which went live for Planning and Development Services in August 2020.

Library Branch Condition Assessment

This project would allow the Library to engage a contractor to do a long-term analysis of necessary updates/upgrades to critical infrastructure at all branch libraries, excluding the Downtown Library (which was evaluated in FY 2020). 

Additional Projects

  • Enterprise Applications Enhancements
  • Proximity Security Card Update
  • Maintenance Management System Enhancements
  • Cyber Security
  • Conference Room Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Budget Software
  • Radio System Upgrade

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Map showing the 11 planning areas of Blueprint Boise
Blueprint Boise's Planning Areas

Neighborhood Projects

Projects are grouped according to the planning areas identified in Blueprint Boise, the City of Boise's comprehensive plan. These area boundaries differ from Boise's registered neighborhood associations.

Review Map


Fire Station #5
Fire Station #5

Fire Station #5

Address: 212 S 16th Street

Built in 1951, Fire Station 5 is the oldest operating fire station in Boise. Due to the age of the facility, a comprehensive fire station review identified numerous deficiencies across all building systems: electrical, mechanical, envelope, architectural and structural (the building also has ADA and operational deficiencies).

Staff have explored several options to determine how to maximize use of the 0.85 acre parcel on which it is located. After analysis, it was identified that this site provides an opportunity to horizontally integrate this public asset with a housing development.

The recommended budget for FY 2022 is for costs associated with the upfront planning and design work to properly scope the project. This is a necessary step to build out the architectural design features and amenities that must be fully evaluated before bidding the project and beginning construction. The budget also allows for limited site work to prepare for construction.

Julia Davis Park Restroom

This project will construct a two-stall restroom and covered picnic area in Julia Davis Park, adjacent to the Cancer Survivor's Pavilion. As part of this project, utilities to service the restroom and provide nearby irrigation, will also be installed.

Additional Projects

  • Zoo Security System Improvements

West Bench

Pine Grove Park
Pine Grove Park

Pine Grove Park Amenities

Address: 8995 W. Shoup Ave.

Pine Grove park was greened-up with dog off-leash areas and restrooms in 2018. This funding will allow for completion of the masterplan, by constructing shelters, a walking path, basketball court, volleyball court and playground.

Fire Training Center Improvements

This project will expand the areas within the perimeter that can be incorporated into our training and improve site security and increase the number of participants who receive training.


Two firefighters standing near a fire truck

Northwest Fire Station

Planning has identified that a new station in northwest Boise (Northwest Station) is required to maintain proper coverage and adequate response times. The recommended budget for FY 2022 reflects the costs associated with the upfront planning and design work to properly scope the project. The amount forecast in FY 2023 represents the current estimate of construction costs and will be reevaluated once the design is completed.

Central Bench

Grassy area at Franklin Park

Franklin Park Amenities

Address: 310 S. Hilton Street

The Franklin Park masterplan calls for a new playground, misting station, additional shelters, outdoor gym, bocce courts and additional gathering spaces at the park. A restroom will be constructed separately as part of the adjacent mixed use development at Franklin and Orchard and will be publicly accessible from the park.


Boise Foothills

Hawkins Range and Trailhead

Address: N. Bogus Basin Road

The project will construct a trailhead facility (with restroom) that will accommodate 28 parking spaces (with two ADA stalls and two horse trailer spots). The native surfaced, multi-use (non-motorized) trail will cover almost six miles and include turnpikes, stone fords, culverts, gates and cattle guards.

Stewart Gulch Park

Address: 5070 N. Eyrie Way

Stewart Gulch Park currently includes a playground, sidewalks, a portable restroom, and a covered shelter. The green-up of this park was included in the FY 2020 budget, providing for the installation of turf, irrigation systems and pathways. The project has been delayed due to difficultly procuring the water rights needed to maintain the park, but green-up is expected to be completed in Summer 2022.

North/East Ends

Sunset Park
Sunset Park

Sunset Park Amenities

Address: 2625 N. 32nd Street

Sunset Park has been fully built-out for many years. This funding will provide additional amenities that will be identified by public stakeholders through an updated master planning process that will be undertaken in FY 2022.

Veterans Memorial Park Amenities

Address: 930 N. Veterans Memorial Pkwy.

The city recently renewed a 25-year lease with IDPR for the operation, management, and maintenance of the Idaho Veterans Memorial Park. As part of the new lease agreement, the city is required to update the current development and management plan for facilities and services necessary to meet current and future public demand. Once updated, this funding will provide for the identified amenities to be installed. The funding is part of the current Impact Fee Plan.


View of the foothills and Boise Airport

Support Facilities Relocation

In FY 2020, Public Works developed a high-level strategy for support facilities. In March 2021, City Council approved $300,000 to develop a detailed plan, including site selection for a new support facility campus. This new campus will support operational needs and free up existing sites for better uses, such as housing.

The FY 2022 request is to support land acquisition and begin design of the first facility, which is anticipated to be the BPR maintenance shop. Out-year requests will provide funding for the construction and relocation of the first two facilities, which are currently anticipated to include Fire logistics in addition to the BPR facility.

Multiple Neighborhoods

Street lamp on 8th Street

Neighborhood Investment Program

This program is part of the city’s Energize Our Neighborhoods initiative, funding comprehensive neighborhood plans and capital construction projects. These investments help enrich the lives of residents, enhance the identity and quality of life in city neighborhoods and encourage a stronger sense of community. Active neighborhood associations are invited to generate ideas for projects, which are selected each year on an application review basis.

Although selections have not been finalized for FY 2022 projects, submissions include requests for park amenities (e.g., sun shades, shelters, and drinking fountains), walking paths, public art, and pedestrian and cyclist safety improvements and related amenities.

Public Safety Lighting

This funding allows for the installation of street lighting improvements where requested by residents, police or others. Staff is often contacted requesting additional streetlights that are not related to new development and, with the exception of the Neighborhood Investment Program (for larger projects), this is the only source of funding to accommodate these needs.

Requests are screened for conformance to city streetlight placement standards and prioritized by criteria such as road classification and pedestrian conflicts.

Additional Projects

  • Pool Planning
  • Police Shooting Range Shade Cover

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