Proposed FY 2023 Budget

The City of Boise’s budget is set each year for the upcoming fiscal year which runs from October – September. Budget planning begins in January with regular presentations to the Boise City Council. Then, the mayor works with city staff to present a budget for consideration by the City Council. The mayor’s budget reflects feedback from the community, focuses on strategic priority areas that address our community’s most pressing needs and ensures the city is meeting the service demands of our residents.

What Makes Up the City Budget?

In FY 2022, the adopted city budget was just over $661 million. The City of Boise’s budget is made up of four funds categories:

  1. General Fund: The General Fund makes up 42% of the overall budget and accounts for operating costs associated with general government services. The General Fund is primarily supported by property and sales taxes.
  2. Capital Funds: Capital funds account for 5% of the overall budget and provide funding for infrastructure projects related to general government functions. Like the General Fund, capital funds are primarily supported by taxes.
  3. Enterprise Funds: These funds include airport, geothermal, solid waste and water renewal. Enterprise funds are primarily supported by fees paid by service users and support the operational and capital needs of these areas. Enterprise funds make up 44% of the overall City of Boise budget.
  4. Other Funds: Making up 9% of the budget, these other funds include debt service, risk, housing, health, and fleet services.

How Money is Spent

Money is spent in three main categories:

  1. Capital and Equipment: Expenses in this area account for 26% of the overall spend. This includes capital projects and major equipment like fire stations, park improvements, accessibility enhancements, water renewal facility improvements and more.
  2. Personnel: Serving a growing community like Boise takes people power. Personnel costs, including salaries and benefits, account for 32% of the expenditures at the City of Boise.
  3. Maintenance and Operations: These expenses account for 42% of the overall spend and include items such as supplies, utilities, insurance, contracts for services, transfers, and contingencies.
Pie chart illustrating general fund spending by department in percentages. Public Safety 51%, Parks and Recreation 14%, HR/IT/Finance/Legal 13%, Library 5%, Planning and Development 5%, Public Works 3%, Mayor/City Council/CE 3%, Contractual Services 3%, Citywide Expenses 2%, Arts & History 1%
Image 1: General Fund Spending by Area

For the City of Boise’s General Fund, money is spent across the 10 main areas of city operations from public safety to library. Public safety makes up the majority of the budget at 51% overall. Parks and Recreation is next at 14% and so on down to Arts & History at 1%.

Image 1: View data in tabular format | View image full screen

What Funds the City Budget?

Image 2: Property Taxes by Agency Within Boise Limits

General government services (e.g., police, fire, parks, and libraries) are supported primarily through taxes and user fees, including property tax, sales tax, and development fees.

Boise residents who pay property taxes not only support the city, but also other agencies, including the Boise School District (or, for some residents, the West Ada School District), the Ada County Highway District, Ada County, College of Western Idaho, EMS services and mosquito abatement. Learn more about property taxes.

Image 2: View data in tabular format | View image full screen

Building the FY 2023 Budget

Early planning has begun for the FY 2023 budget that Mayor McLean will present for consideration to the Boise City Council in June. The annual budget process does not reset the entire budget for the organization as most of our costs are ongoing expenses, like staffing. However, it does offer an opportunity to ensure the budget reflects the community’s priorities and addresses pressing needs.

The FY 2023 budget will focus on three key areas:

  • Community Priorities: We’ve heard loud and clear that Boiseans want the city to focus on:
    • Housing
    • Public Safety
    • Transportation
    • Climate
    • Economic Development
  • Responding to Growth: The City of Boise continues to see exponential growth as more and more people discover our beautiful and welcoming community. The city must continue to take steps to preserve what we all love about Boise, while accommodating our growing community.
  • Responding to Inflation: Like all members of our community, the City of Boise feels the impacts of rising inflation.

Upcoming Opportunities

As part of the budget process there are many opportunities for Boise residents to learn more and have their voices heard. Mark your calendar for these important dates:

  • May 24 – City Council Budget Workshop #1
    Listen in as the Boise City Council learns more about the proposed budget from city staff.
  • June 17 – Proposed Budget Released
    Review Mayor McLean’s proposed budget and provide feedback directly to the mayor and Boise City Council through Monday, July 18.
  • June 28 – City Council Budget Workshop #2
    Listen in as Mayor McLean formally presents her proposed FY 2023 budget to Boise City Council and the Boise community.
  • July 19 – Budget Public Hearing
    Provide testimony at the City Council Budget Public Hearing.

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