City Elections

The City of Boise provides an election process that is open, fair and responsive to the needs of all eligible citizens. The City Clerk's principal election responsibilities include: overseeing candidate filing, including declaration of candidacy and certification of treasurer; verifying information provided by candidates; communicating and transmitting ballot language and candidate information to the County Elections Office; and publishing notices and official vote results.

Ballot Initiatives

Learn more about the ballot initiatives process and information on proposed initiatives for the City of Boise.

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City Council Districts

During the 2020 legislative session, the State passed a bill (HB413) requiring cities with populations over 100,000 people to create districts for City Council elections.

While that bill was under consideration, city staff identified several practical and process related issues with the bill as written and spent the past year working with the sponsor of the original bill and a representative of the Attorney General’s office to draft an alternative (SB1111). Unfortunately, that bill was returned to the sponsor requiring the City to create and implement city council districts based on the original bill (HB419, KNA I.C. 50-707A).

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Campaign Finance Reporting

Recent changes to Idaho Code now require Campaign Financial Disclosure Forms be submitted to the Ada County Clerk's Office. They are also responsible for coordinating and conducting city elections. Please contact their office for additional information or questions regarding the submission of such reports.

Election Documents are available from the State of Idaho or Ada County.

Idaho Secretary of State

Ada County Elections

Election Results

Results from the 2021 General Election are available through Ada County Elections.

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Election Documents

Election documents filed with the City of Boise can be viewed here.

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