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October 5, 2021 | Meeting materials submitted by HRCID staff, residents and the developer

Harris Ranch Community Infrastructure District No. 1 Regular Meeting

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 | 2:00 pm

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, at 2pm MDT, the District Board will meet to consider whether to issue a general obligation bond and whether to approve the purchase of projects from Barber Valley Development and the Harris Family Limited Partnership (collectively the "Developer").

The meeting will be held online and in-person at City Hall, 150 N Capitol Blvd, Boise Idaho, in the Maryanne Jordan City Council Chambers:

Please note that after the vote on the meeting minutes, the Board will go into Executive Session. During that time, the Board will speak with the litigation attorneys. After the Executive session the Board will return to the Council Chambers to deliberate on the project and bond resolutions. The District staff have prepared a Staff Report to assist the Board in their decision making.

Staff Report – Dated September 30, 2021

The Developer is requesting the District purchase four projects. The Harris Ranch Community Infrastructure District Taxpayers Association (“HRCIDTA”) has objected to all four projects. The HRCIDTA’s objections and the Developer’s responses are generally identified in the table below.

Project NameRequested AmountDevelopment Completeness Letter(s)HRCIDTA Objection Letter(s)Developer Response(s)
1. GO20-7 2007 Conservation Easement:$1,979,000Completeness Letter -- 2007 Conservation Easement – dated September 24, 2021Objection to Payment Requested by Developer for Conservation Easement – Letter of objection dated August 14, 2021Developer Response to Objection to 2007 Conservation Easement Request – dated August 30, 2021
2. GO21-1 Accrued Interest:$1,390,833

Completeness Letter – Accrued Interest (GO21-1) – dated September 27, 2021

First Set of Objections to Certain Interest Payments Requested by the Developer – Letter of objection dated August 30, 2021

Response to Objection to Interest Reimbursement - dated September 15, 2021

3. GO21-2: Dallas Harris Estates Townhomes #9:$1,670,900

Completeness Letter – TH9 and TH11 Payment Requests

Letter of Objection - Townhomes 9 & 11 – Letter of objection dated August 7, 2021

Response to Objection to TH9 and TH11 Reimbursement Requests – dated August 27, 2021

4. GO21-3 Dallas Harris Estates Townhomes #11:$4,009,491

Additional Project Related Discussion


Developer Letters

Our Reply to the Developer’s Lawyers’ First Four Letters of Response – dated September 27, 2021

The HRCIDTA has also expressed general objections to the District and to past approved projects. You can access those objections below and the Developer’s response below.

HRCIDTA Objection Letter(s)Developer Response(s)
Proposed HRCID Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 - Letter of objection dated July 19, 2021.
Objection to Reimbursements Requested by and Paid to the Developer – Letter of objection dated August 20, 2021
The Myth of Harris Ranch CID “Local Amenities” – Letter of objection dated August 27, 2021Response to HRCIDTA Local Amenities Arguments – dated September 17, 2021
The Myth of “Notice” to Prospective Home Purchasers in the HRCID – Letter of objection dated September 7, 2021

Response to September 7, 2021 Harris Ranch CID Taxpayers’ Association (“HRCIDTA”) Letter The Myth of the “Myth of ‘Notice’” – dated September 27, 2021

Tax-Exempt Status of Harris Ranch CID “General Obligation Bonds” – Letter of objection dated September 9, 2021
The HRCID Was Unlawful from the Beginning – Letter of objection dated September 13, 2021Response to September 13, 2021 Harris Ranch CID Taxpayers’ Association (“HRCIDTA”) Letter Re: Contiguity Requirements within the HRCID – dated September 28, 2021

The HRCID’s “General Obligation” Bond Election Failed – Letter of objection dated September 27, 2021

Response to September 27, 2021 Harris Ranch CID Taxpayers’ Association (“HRCIDTA”) Letter Re: HRCID’s General Obligation Bond Election – dated September 28, 2021

Residents have also written e-mails to the District supporting the objections letters of the HRCIDTA, and the District has also received written comments supporting the District. Those letters can be accessed below:

Support for the DistrictSupport for HRCIDTA objection letters

Submit Written Comments

We invite you to send written comments to the Board for consideration by e-mailing your comments and/or questions to boisetreasury@cityofboise.org. Comments previously submitted to the District on or before September 22, 2021 will automatically be included for the Board’s consideration.


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