Book Your Event

Book Your Event

Step 1

Download the Special Events Application + Process Overview, fill out the Planning Checklist (page 5), and for items marked "yes" contact the corresponding agency representative(s). They will assist you in determining and obtaining the supplemental permits, forms, fees, licenses, etc. that are required for activities related to their jurisdiction (e.g. closing roads/sidewalks, serving alcohol, managing safety, providing medical services, generating waste).

Special Events Application + Process Overview (PDF)
Step 2

Determine if your event meets the criteria for a Clerk's Office Planned Special Event Permit, per the FAQs or by emailing If yes, proceed to Steps 3 and 4. If no, continue to work with agency representatives only.

Step 3

Fill out the Special Events Permit Application and attach supplemental permits, authorizations, and/or exemptions, site plans and route maps, etc. to compile a substantially complete packet.

Step 4

Submit the complete packet with payment 45 days prior to the event start date, per the application instructions (page 6).

Event Permitting

Thinking about scheduling an event in the City of Boise? There are a few factors that can help determine which kind of permit(s) are needed:

  • Where is the event being held? (public neighborhood, street, park, plaza or other facility)
  • How many people are expected to attend the event? (more or less than 1,000)
  • Will roads be closed and alcohol be sold/served/consumed?

These types of events on public property require permitting from City of Boise Departments. Each kind of event involves careful planning but has a different permitting process.

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