Special Events

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Special Events

While we know all events are special, the City of Boise defines a special event as a gathering that requires extensive planning, including things like outdoor concerts, parades, festivals or sporting events such as marathons, bike races and more. Approximately 75 special events are permitted through the City Clerk's office each year, which enhance tourism, provide an economic benefit to businesses, promote cultural diversity and offer affordable entertainment. The City of Boise Special Events Team works with event organizers to help produce a successful and safe event with minimal impact on the environment and the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.


When is a Special Event Permit Required? 

A special event permit is required for any event on public property that is expected to have more than one thousand (1,000) people attend or any event that requires extraordinary resources including but not limited to alcohol compliancesecurity, emergency services and road closures/traffic control.

*Per Boise City Code, every planned special event on public property that has a projected attendance of more than one thousand (1,000) people is expected to require extraordinary resources. 

When is the Special Event Application Due? 

Applications for a planned special event permit shall be made to the City Clerk at least forty-five (45) days, but not more than three hundred sixty-five (365) days prior to the event. It is strongly recommended that organizers contact the City of Boise to start planning their event as soon as reasonably possible. 

**Submitting a Special Event Application does NOT reserve, hold or guarantee dates or venues, nor imply any approval of the proposed concept or event. 

How Do I Pay for the Special Event Application Fee? 

All application and processing fees are due at time of submission via check by mail or check/credit card in person at Boise City Hall (150 N Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702) or online via our payment portal. Over the phone payments cannot be processed. 

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Who Presents at the Special Events Team Meetings? 

The applicant shall, when notified by the City Clerk's Office, attend the Special Events Team meeting and participate in the Special Event Team’s review if the event meets one or more of the criteria listed below: 

  • Event is new to the City of Boise
  • Event organizer has changed
  • There will be 1,000 or more participants
  • Roads or portions of roads will be closed
  • Alcohol will be served
  • Plans with past or current events/event organizers have raised safety and/or compliance concerns

Events Advisory

Due to public safety staffing constraints, surrounding community events, construction projects, and emergency services, new and/or returning event approvals are subject to availability. We encourage all returning events to complete applications in January/February to secure their dates for the respective year, as the City builds the annual calendar at that time. Special event dates/locations are not guaranteed, and permit applications are reviewed and accepted only when deemed substantially complete.

Currently, due to the above-mentioned factors, the following impacted dates are no longer available for special events and applications for these dates will not be accepted.  Please contact the City Clerk's Office if you have any questions.

Phone: 208-972-8150  | Email: specialevents@cityofboise.org

2023 Impacted Dates

  • Tuesday, July 4
  • Monday-Sunday, August 14-20
  • Monday-Sunday, August 21-27
  • Monday-Sunday, August 28-September 3
  • Monday-Sunday, September 4-10
  • Monday-Sunday, September 11-17
  • Monday-Sunday, September 18-24

Traffic Advisory

We understand that events can pose an impact to traffic conditions and we aim to be intentional about communicating vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian closures and detours. The interactive map below shows both construction and special events that may impact your route. 

Special Event Team Meetings

Review Minutes + Agendas

If the link takes you to a different board or commission landing page, please select "Special Event Team" from the meeting group drop-down list in the left column.

Review minutes + agendas 

Attend Virtually

The Special Events Team oversees the permitting and planning for special events and festivals in the City of Boise and hosts bi-monthly meetings to discuss event proposals between the event organizer and city departments and other agencies. Meetings typically last two hours, but can vary based on agenda. Check our public meetings calendar for regularly scheduled meetings.

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Boise City Code provides the framework and guidance for issuing Special Event Permits and can be viewed online.

Additional questions should be directed to the Boise City Clerk’s office at specialevents@cityofboise.org or 208-972-8150. 

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