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All requests for records submitted to the City of Boise will receive an initial response within three business days. If your request requires more than three business days to process, you will receive a notification email.

Most records requests are fulfilled free of charge. However, payment is required if it is anticipated that your request will result in the printing of more than 100 pages of documents or take more than two hours of staff time to process. If payment is needed, you will receive a notice that includes an estimate of the cost to process your records request. The City of Boise requires payment of this estimate amount before work can begin on your request. Additional payment may be required if the cost of processing your request proves to be in excess of the original estimate.


Be Specific. Please be specific regarding the records/documents you are requesting. Providing details and specific information will help us to locate the records you are looking for. At a minimum, please include:

  • A detailed description of the record you are seeking
  • Relevant dates or date ranges
  • Geographic area of interest, specific addresses, or locations, if applicable
  • Specific GIS layers, if applicable
  • Project/Bid Number (or other identifying document numbers), if applicable

All requests will be responded to in compliance with the Idaho Public Records Act, Idaho Code Title 74, Chapter 1

Please note: If you wish to submit a Public Records Request for the Boise Police Department, please go to this page.

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