Parking Permits

ParkBOI ePermit

Permit holders may park in specific on-street areas in downtown.

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Twilight ePermit

Allows parking in perimeter areas after 3:00 p.m.

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Zero Emission Vehicle

Free parking at meters for up to the maximum allowable time.

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Residential Parking Permits

Residential on-street parking for eligible residents.

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Additional Permits

Temporary Use, Residential Parking Zone and Business Parking.

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ParkBOI ePermit

Permit holders may park in specific on-street areas in downtown 

Parking Services offers an on-street permit program where permit holders are selected through a lottery. The ParkBOI ePermit allows permit holders to park in specific on-street areas in downtown for a monthly fee. The permit is $25 per month, but this fee can be waived for participation in alternative transportation. Parking availability may vary so a space is not guaranteed.

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Twilight ePermit

Parking in perimeter areas after 3:00 p.m.

Twilight ePermits use a vehicle’s license plate as an electronic permit that allows parking in perimeter areas after 3:00 p.m. 

This monthly permit is designed for downtown employees who work later afternoon or evening shifts. There is no lottery to limit the number of Twilight ePermits, but additional permit sales may be limited based on parking availability. The cost is $15/month and allows parking in parking meters in zone 3 as well as timed zones (excluding loading zones and residential parking areas).


Zero Emission “Green” Vehicle Parking Permit

Free parking at meters for up to the maximum allowable time

The City of Boise offers a parking permit for Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) that allows free parking at meters for up to the maximum allowable time. An inspection by the city shop may be required if the vehicle's fuel type cannot be confirmed based on the VIN and vehicle registration. The cost of the permit is $10/Year (inspections will not need to be completed each year unless vehicle or license plates change).

Does my vehicle qualify?

There are more ZEVs on the market today than ever before. The most common ZEVs are the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric and Teslas (multiple models). Modified vehicles may qualify, but will have to pass the inspection. Hybrids, electric hybrids and PZEV (partially zero emission vehicles) do not qualify.

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Residential Parking Permit Application

Some residents may be eligible for on-street residential parking permits. Permits are limited by location and by household. Multi-family developments with off-street parking are not eligible for residential permits. Residents in these units should contact the corresponding property management for off-street parking options.

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Temporary Use Permits

Temporary Use permits are intended for people whose jobs require their vehicles, dumpsters or equipment in close proximity to the job site where the actual work is performed. The vehicle must be a necessary part of the operation in that it carries tools, equipment or supplies.

A vehicle solely used as a mode of transportation does not qualify for a permit. Temporary use permits will be issued to areas where the length of stay is restricted by time according to meters, posted signs or ordinance.

Contact Parking Services at (208) 972-8150 for more information.

Residential Parking Zone

Some residential neighborhoods have a heavy concentration of parked vehicles which are not owned or operated by area residents. This can cause congestion on residential streets, impede the movement of traffic and restrict resident's entry to their homes.

In these instances, the city regulates residential permit parking zones which restrict parking by non-residents and protects the availability of parking for residents.

Contact Parking Services at (208) 972-8150 for more information.

Business Parking Time Zone or Meter Installation

Business interested in the placement of either time zones or parking meters for use increasing parking turnover on the streets adjacent to their business property need to submit an application.

Businesses making requests for sign or meter placement will be responsible for the installation costs.

Contact Parking Services at (208) 972-8150 for more information.

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