Boise High School ePermit

The Boise High School ePermit utilizes license plate recognition technology and allows students to purchase and manage their parking permits online.

Boise High School ePermits are issued to the first students to sign up. The number of permits issued will be determined by class standing. Students who apply after registration closes will be placed on a waiting list for available permits.


Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is now open. 

Boise High School ePermits are $29.00 per school year. If a permit is sold for the spring semester only, the cost will be prorated to $14.50.

Students who have previously purchased ePermits do not need to register and can log in and renew their permit.

New students need to fill out the registration form. Once this is completed, your information will be sent to Parking Services to create an account. Parking Services must verify class standing with Boise High School prior to issuing a permit. Once the verification process is complete, we will contact you by email with instructions on how to buy your permit online.

While permit holders may add up to 2 vehicles to an ePermit (some restrictions may apply), ePermits are only valid for one vehicle at a time. Permit holders can manage their vehicles by logging into their account.

Please Note: Your student email address is used as your login. Applications without a student's current Boise High School issued email address will be denied.



Students are encouraged to carpool and utilize alternative transportation. Students may ride VRT buses for free with a valid Student ID. Learn More

Students without a valid ePermit may park on the street, but only for as long as posted signs permit.

  • Once this time has expired, vehicles must vacate the entire area for the rest of the day.
  • Moving to a different block within the SPD zone may result in a parking ticket.

Special Parking Districts

Boise High School ePermits are only valid in Special Parking District (SPD) zone 2. Permit holders may park in SPD 2 areas all day. Non-permitted vehicles must vacate the entire area after parking for the allotted amount of time specified by each parking sign.

SPD 2 signs are found within the SPD district boundaries (see map below), and will be designated with corresponding signs.

Boise High School ePermits are NOT valid in SPD 1 areas.

Boise's Special Parking District Zone 2 parking permit sign
Special Parking District (SPD) Zone 2
Boise High Special Parking District Map
Boise High Special Parking District Map

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