Residential Parking Zone

Please note: This application is to request a residential parking zone. If you are wanting to request a permit for an existing residential parking zone, please contact Parking Services at (208) 972-8150.

Residential Parking Zone Application

Please review the information below. You will be asked to acknowledge that you have read this before submitting your application.

BCC 10-11-10: Declaration of Necessity and Purpose

The Council of Boise City finds and declares that within certain residential areas of the City there exists a heavy concentration of vehicles which remain parked throughout the day and that a substantial portion of these vehicles are not owned or operated by residents of these areas; that the presence of these vehicles causes vehicular congestion on residential streets, impedes the movement of traffic and unduly restricts the entry of residents to their homes; that such vehicular congestion creates polluted air, excessive noise, trash and refuse and causes the deterioration of residential areas. The Council therefore declares the necessity and public policy of establishing a procedure for the creation of residential permit parking zones in which parking by non-residents will be restricted and the availability of parking for residents will be protested.

An application is required for all requests to remove or install Residential time zone

1. An application must be filled out answering all questions and supplying a site map of the area which shows existing on-street restrictions, applicant’s property and the specific area for which the request is being made.

2. For residents requesting the installation of Residential Time Zones, it will be the City’s responsibility to cover the expenses incurred by the installation.

3. The following procedures are required by City Code and must be completed prior to zone installation:

  • City delivers Notification Flyers to all properties within the immediate area of the request and places an ad in the local newspaper.
  • Based on the public input provided, City of Boise Parking Services will approve or deny the request. If approved, staff will send a Resolution to the Mayor and City Council and recommend placement of the zone.
  • Installation should occur within 2 weeks of City Council approval.

4. Appeals: All appeals of decisions made by Boise City Parking Services shall be heard by the Boise City Hearing Examiner for Parking related issues. Any determination by the Hearing Examiner may be appealed to the City Council whose decision is final.


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