Chief History

In December 1901, Boise’s mayor and city council proposed eliminating the all-volunteer fire program to be replaced with a new, professionally-paid fire department. Six months later an ordinance was passed to establish the Boise City Fire Department. Major Liddell assumed command as part-time fire chief on June 6, 1902, a position he held until Sept. 8, 1903 when the mayor and city council upgraded the rank of fire chief to a full-time position.

Between 1903 and the present the department has benefited from the leadership of 14 fire chiefs; their names, photographs, and dates of service are below. Boise Fire has had interim acting chiefs on five occasions: Charlie Tucker in 1939, Walt DeBlieck in 1984, RV Rose in 1987 and 1989, Renn Ross in 1992 and Jeff Ramey in 2007.

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