Fire Permits and Service Fees

Effective October 1, 2020 | FY2021

Fire Prevention

n/a1st Re-InspectionNo Charge
n/a2nd Re-Inspection Fee$85.00
n/a3rd Re-Inspection Fee and all subsequent Re-Inspections$150.00
n/aAfter-hours Inspection$150.00
EventBurn PermitNo Charge
n/aFire Department Fire Watch (per hour)$110.00
n/aFire Protection System Report Submission$30.00
n/aInspection Burn Permit (Fire Prevention Inspection Required)$110.00
n/aInspections Required by Other Agencies$85.00
n/aRenewal Fee for Renewable Permits$85.00
n/aStarting Work Before Securing a Permit$150.00

Non-Renewable One Time Construction Permits

n/aAmusement Buildings Permit$140.00
n/aBattery Systems Permit$140.00
n/aCapacitor Energy Storage Systems Permit$140.00
n/aEmergency Responder Radio Coverage System Permit$140.00
n/aFlammable/Combustible Liquids/Tanks Permit: Tank (remove, abandon, dispose)$140.00
n/aFlammable/Combustible Liquids/Tanks Permit: Tank (install, alter)$330.00
n/aFlammable/Combustible Liquids/Tanks Permit: Product/Vent Lines Alter$110.00
n/aFuel Cell Power Systems Permit$140.00
n/aGas Detection Systems$140.00
n/aIndustrial Ovens Permit$140.00
n/aLiquefied Petroleum Gases Exchange/Storage Permit$140.00

Non-Renewable One Time Operational Permits

EventBon Fire Permit$140.00
EventCarnivals and Fairs Permit$205.00
EventCovered and Open Mall Buildings Permit$205.00
EventExplosives Use Permit$140.00
EventFire Hydrants and Valves Permit$140.00
EventFlame Effects Before an Audience Permit$140.00
EventFloor Finishing Permit$140.00
EventFumigation and Insecticidal Fogging Permit$140.00
EventHot Work Operations Permit$110.00
EventLiquid or Gas-fueled Vehicles or Equipment in Assembly Buildings Permit$85.00
EventNon-Aerial Common Fireworks Stand Permit$25.00
EventOpen Flames and Candles Permit$85.00
EventPrivate Fire Hydrants Permit$140.00
EventPublic Fireworks Display Permit$125.00
EventPyrotechnic Special Effects Material Permit$140.00
EventSpecial Events Permit$205.00
EventTemporary Membrane Structures, Tents and Canopies Permit$110.00
EventTemporary Structures and Uses Permit (Structures <180 days, Uses in Perm. Structures < 30 days)$140.00

Renewable Operational Permits

1 yearAerosol Products Permit$140.00
2 yearsAviation Facilities Permit$140.00
1 yearCellulose Nitrate Film Permit$140.00
2 yearsCombustible Dust- Producing Operations Permit$205.00
2 yearsCombustible Fibers Permit$140.00
1 yearCompressed Gas Permit$205.00
1 yearCryogenic Fluids Permit$140.00
3 yearsCutting and Welding Permit$110.00
2 yearsDry Cleaning Permit140.00
2 yearsFlammable and Combustible Liquids Permit$110.00
3 yearsFruit and Crop Ripening Permit$140.00
1 yearHazardous Material Permit$265.00
1 yearHazardous Production Materials Facilities Permit$265.00
2 yearsHigh Piled Storage Permit$205.00
3 yearsLumber Yards / Woodworking Plants Permit$140.00
1 yearMagnesium Permit$140.00
3 yearsMiscellaneous Combustible Storage > 2500 Cu ft Permit$140.00
1 yearMobile Food Preparation Vehicles Permit$45.00
2 yearsOrganic Coatings Permit$205.00
1 yearPlaces of Assembly Permit$140.00
1 yearPlant Extraction Systems Permit$140.00
1 yearPyroxylin Plastics Permit$140.00
1 yearRefrigeration Equipment Permit$140.00
3 yearsRepair Garages and Motor Fuel-Dispensing Permit$110.00
3 yearsRooftop Heliports Permit$110.00
2 yearsSpraying or Dipping Permit$140.00
3 yearsStorage of Scrap Tires and Tire Byproducts Permit$140.00
3 yearsTire Rebuilding Plants Permit$265.00
3 yearsWaste Handling Permit$140.00
2 yearsWood Products Permit$140.00

Emergency Response

n/aArson Investigation (per hour)$105.00
n/aDive Rescue Incident$1,200.00
n/aFalse Alarm Commercial 1st callNo Charge
n/aFalse Alarm Commercial 2nd call$200
n/aFalse Alarm Commercial 3rd call$250.00
n/aFalse Alarm Commercial 4th call and beyond$500.00
n/aFalse Alarm Failure to Notify$200.00
n/aFalse Alarm Residential 1st callNo Charge
n/aFalse Alarm Residential 2nd call$100.00
n/aFalse Alarm Residential 3rd call$125.00
n/aFalse Alarm Residential 4th call and beyond$250.00
n/aHazmat Incident (per hour)$1,775.00
n/aHazardous Spills Minor$290.00
n/aIllegal Fires$110.00
n/aPipeline Incident Minor$285.00
n/aPipeline Incident Major$1,125.00
n/aPower Line Incident$265.00
n/aVehicle Fire Incident



n/aEntry Level Testing Fee (per person)$40.00

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