Public Fireworks Display

The Public Fireworks Display permit applies to the use of fireworks for a public display conducted by licensed and qualified operators.

Application Materials

Before applying for this permit, please have the following materials ready:

Site Plan

A detailed site plan that includes:

  • Display site: detailed layout including all separation distance measurements compliant with NFPA 1123 including minimum secured diameter of site, vertical mortar, angled mortars offset justification and mortars to special hazards.
  • Discharge site: detailed layout including the location of all devices to be used during the show, their required separation distances and location of controllers.
  • Fallout area: detailed layout including offset measurements.
  • Preparation area: detailed layout including 100 ft separation distance.
  • Storage area: detailed layout including required separation distances and capacity.
  • Buildings on or in proximity to the display site.
  • Names of nearby highways, roads, streets and alleys.
  • Special hazard locations: combustible fuel locations, flammables, explosives, toxic substances, places of detention and correction and health care facilities.
  • Location of possible overhead obstruction locations and utilities.
  • Location of "ALL" spectator areas.
  • Location of flame effects area affected by the flame effect device.
  • Supplemental fire protection features: detailed layout showing types and locations of required fire extinguishers.

Safety Plan

A copy of the written procedure for a safety plan including:

  • Protocols for stopping the show for emergency response personnel
  • Protocols for stopping the show for catastrophic failure
  • Protocols for stopping the show for operator injury
  • Protocols for stopping the show for hazardous debris falling into the audience
  • Protocols for stopping the show for hazardous condition as deemed by AHJ
  • How crowd control issues will be addressed

Also the plan shall include actions to be taken in the event that a shell fails to ignite in, or discharge from, a mortar or fails to function over the fallout area or other malfunctions, reporting methods and procedures for manually unfired shells including marking and warning of hazard to site personnel and the disposal methods for unfired shells found in the post display sweep.

Device List

A detailed list of devices that includes:

  • Sizes to be used per show which shall include number and type of "ALL" devices to be used. Also include their classification (aerial shell, cake, mine, salute, ground display piece, comet, lance, etc).
  • Type of match to be used (black, electric, quick match, etc).
  • Whether they are to be chain fused or individually shot.

Flame Effects

A detailed list of flame effects to be used per show including the classification of effect (gas mine, ghost mine, etc).

Gas Mines

A detailed list of lift charges for gas mines including:

  • Grams
  • Type of powder
  • Sealing method of charge
  • Fuel type (gas, diesel, mixture, Cremora, LPG, etc.)
  • Type of match used

Mortar Diagram for Flame Effects

A diagram of the mortar for flame effects showing:

  • Pipe schedule size
  • Wall thickness
  • Height
  • Width
  • Securing method

Mortar Racks

A diagram of the mortar racks including:

  • Detailed elevation of rack (if location is raised, provide the elevation)
  • Rack location (ground, trailer, stand, etc.)
  • Construction elements of rack
  • Mortar pipe schedule including: type, size, wall thickness, height, width and rack securing methods

Sequence of Operations

A copy of the written procedure for sequence of operations for ignition of fireworks and flame effects including:

  • Ignition method (electronic, manual, automatic, etc.)
  • Controller manufacturer
  • Controller models to be used and type (automatic, handheld, manual)
  • Number of manual and electronic shooters
  • Source of manual ignition (fusee, torch, portfire, etc.)

Communication Plan

A copy of the written procedure for a communication plan and methods between the sponsor, operator, shooters, spotters and emergency personnel before, during and after the show.


  1. Log in to our online permitting and licensing system. If you are a first time user of this system, you will need to create an account.
  2. After logging in, click "Apply" and select "Fire Permit" from the top menu bar.
  • Review and accept the online disclaimer and complete the application.
  • In your application you will have the opportunity to request an inspection date and time. Please note that the Fire Department will contact you directly to confirm your inspection time.

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