Station 2

3551 Cartwright Road, Boise, ID 83702

Phone: (208) 384-4032

TDD/TTY: (800) 377-3529

Brick building with two large garage bays
Fire Station 2

Station History

July 1906 - The Resseguie Street firehouse #2 located at 10th and Resseguie Streets is a one-story, one bay wood structure that house a two-horse drawn chemical engine, a hose cart and two firemen.

1912  - Firehouse #2 is relocated to 16th and Resseguie Streets.  That station is home to a chemical engine with a five-man crew.  Closed in 1952, today it is a private residence.

1952  - Firehouse #2 is relocated to 1666 Ridenbaugh Street in Boise's Northend.  This firehouse is a small one-story, one bay stucco design that fits among the houses in the neighborhood.

1957  - Firehouse #2 is staffed with four personnel per 2 platoon shift to operate the pumper apparatus.

November 1979 - The1% Initiative is passed and many firefighters are laid off.  Fire Station #2 is closed.

August 1981 - Firehouse #2 on Ridenbaugh Street is reopened.

June 1987 - An arson fire in the Boise Foothills destroys Engine #2 pumper. A wall of flames racing up the hill engulfed the fire engine, a home and numerous automobiles.

October 1996 - Firehouse #2 is relocated to 3551 Cartwright Road in the Boise Foothills.  It is a new one-story, two-bay structure housing a BME/Simon Duplex 1500 gpm pumper.  The Ridenbaugh station houses an Ada County Paramedic ambulance and supervisory unit.

May 2006 - Firehouse #2 celebrates their 100 year anniversary.

Today, Station #2 is home to 3 firefighters per shift. During the summer months, a Brush Rig is also staffed for grass fire season.

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