Station 9

3101 Sycamore, Boise, ID 83703

Phone: (208) 384-4039

TDD/TTY: (800) 377-3529

Station 9 has been under construction for a year and it replaces the building that was originally erected in 1975.

This station has unique energy saving features that make it projected to be 65% more energy efficient than a building meeting the energy code minimum standard. Some of these features include:

  • Solar Tubes in the day room to allow for more natural light
  • HVAC system designed to be highly energy efficient
  • System to recover waste heat water to increase system efficiency
  • Landscaping requiring very little water

This station fits perfectly into what the City of Boise is doing to reduce energy and water usage. It is energy efficient and going beyond that it also utilizes low flow plumbing fixtures throughout the station to save water. That includes using a hot water system with 95% thermal efficiency – the water heaters are designed to minimize the time for hot water to reach a fixture in order to reduce water consumption. Something else worth noting, the solar panels on this station will produce an estimated 33,600 kilowatt hours per year. This is equivalent to the yearly energy usage of three average homes.

Boise Fire 9 with garage doors open and fire trucks lit up with red lights

Station History

January 24, 1975 - Firehouse #9 is organized in northwest Boise. It houses an engine and tanker with four personnel.

September 30, 1979 - Due to budget cuts, staffing is reduced to three personnel.

1996 - Engine 9 receives a new BME 1500 gpm pumper.

2009 - Engine 9 receives a new Pierce 1500 gpm pumper.

2018 - Tear down and remodel begins in October 2018. Construction of new station is estimated to take one year. The new station will be a single level building with two bays.

2019 - On October 24, 2019, the station held its grand opening and open house for the public.

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