1.02a Policy and Regulation Approval Process - Regulation

Document Type: Regulation
Number: 1.02a
Effective: 07-13-09
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The City of Boise has created a Master Operations Manual (MOM) containing all of the policies and procedures that address the day-to-day business and/or operations of the City. The information contained in MOM includes policies and regulations that have a citywide impact. This regulation sets forth the approval process for all policies and regulations created within the City.


Citywide “policies” require City Council approval. The administrative rules designed to carry out the Council’s policies are known as “regulations” and require Mayor’s office approval. Individual departments create rules and procedures addressing issues that are unique to their business operation. Such rules require approval by the department’s director. Per the Introduction and Disclaimer Policy 1.01, individual departments are not authorized to develop rules or practices that deviate from citywide policies and regulations unless otherwise noted within a citywide policy or regulation approved through the process outlined in this regulation. All policies and regulations with a citywide impact are to be included in the Master Operations Manual (MOM).


Human Resources will have custodial responsibility for the Master Operations Manual (MOM). Human Resources will work with departments to ensure that policies and regulations adhere to the following rules for style, format, and numbering:

A. All submitted rules shall be provided to Human Resources electronically in an editable form.

B. The content of all submitted rules shall be numbered, styled and formatted in accordance with this regulation.

C. All citywide policies and regulations shall be assigned a number in  accordance with the numbering used in MOM.

D. All City policies and regulations shall be formatted as follows:

Margins: Top = 1, Bottom = 1, Left = 1, Right = 1, Gutter = 0, Gutter Position = Left

Font: Verdana

Font Size: 10

Policies shall be “justified.” Regulations shall be “aligned left”.

All rules shall contain the following header:

Header image

All major sections of a regulation will include the outline scheme provided below.

The first required section of each rule, the “I” section, shall be entitled “INTRODUCTION.” This section shall include the general purpose of the rule and to whom the rule applies.

The second section of each rule will be “II”; the third section “III” etc. The individual Roman numeral sections will be broken down in outline form using capital letter alphabet, followed by numbers, followed by small case alphabet. For example, II. A. 1. a.

Rules may reference forms, charts or similar descriptive text associated with the rule. These will be known as the exhibits and contain the same header referenced above with the document type being “Exhibit”.


Human Resources will serve as a clearinghouse for all rules with a city wide impact. If a new citywide rule or a revision to a current citywide rule is proposed, prior to approval the proposal shall be sent to Human Resources for review. Human Resources shall review all proposals and evaluate them to determine the following:

A. The proper format is used

B. The proposal is in the best interest of the City as a whole

C. Proposal does not deviate or conflict with other rules

D. What other policies/regulations may be affected

E. What level of review is necessary

Once the above criteria are met, Human Resources will notify the department to proceed with the appropriate approval process for the rule. Once the rule is approved by the proper authority, the department shall submit the rule to Human Resources for inclusion in the Master Operations Manual (MOM).


Other than “policies” that require City Council approval, minor revisions to citywide rules may be made by Human Resources with notice to the Mayor’s office. Examples of “minor revisions” include but are not limited to grammar, formatting, existing rule clarifications, title or word changes, rule title or numbering, exhibit creation and/or changes, and/or revisions required as a result of changes in city, state, or federal laws. Revisions to citywide rules that fall outside these criteria require approval from the Mayor’s office unless otherwise required by City policy.


Once a new or revised rule is approved, the rule will be included in the Master Operations Manual (MOM) and will be published on the City’s intranet. The effective date of the new or revised rule will be identified at the top of the rule. It will be each rule-owner’s responsibility to ensure notification of new or revised rules to the affected parties. For example, notification of any additions or revisions to the Employee Policy Handbook shall be the responsibility of Human Resources or designee; notification of any purchasing rule changes would be the responsibility of the Department of Finance and Administration.

The term “rule(s)” used throughout this regulation includes, but is not limited to, all policies, regulations, procedures, and directives.

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