1.05 Whistle Blower Protection - Policy

Document Type: Policy Number: 1.05
Effective: 05-01-06
Revised: 08-21-20
Legal References: I.C. §§ 6-2101


Employees are encouraged to report in good faith any waste of public funds, property or resources, any unsafe acts, or any violation of law, city policies or regulations. When possible, such reports should be at a time and in a manner that gives the city a reasonable opportunity to correct the waste or violation.

Employees may report such violations to a supervisor, manager, senior manager, department director, human resources, legal, the mayor office, city council, or the ethics commission. The report may be verbal or in writing and shall include enough specific information (e.g. names of the accused, dates, times, locations, names of witnesses, etc.) to allow for an effective investigation. The city strictly prohibits any adverse action or retaliation against an employee who makes a report in good faith. Reports will be investigated as expeditiously as possible.

Employees are expected to fully cooperate with investigations. This policy prohibits any adverse action against an employee for participating or giving information in an investigation, hearing, court proceeding, legislative or other inquiry, or other form of administrative review. Employees who engage in adverse actions or retaliation are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, and may be subject to civil fines pursuant to applicable law.

Employees are prohibited from making reports when the employee knew or reasonably should have known the report was malicious, false or frivolous.

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