2.01e Interim Department Directors - Regulation

Document Type: Regulation Number: 2.01e
Effective: 01-15-20
Legal References: I.C. 50-206



The purpose of this regulation is to establish roles during a transition of leadership at the department director level. This regulation applies to all city departments; however, the library’s department director and interim director serve at-will to the library board of trustees.

For purposes of this regulation, any reference to the “department” shall mean the department the interim department director is assigned to oversee.


Interim department directors temporarily act on behalf of an appointed department director. Interim department directors are selected by the mayor, or designee, through whatever selection process the mayor or designee choses, provided it conforms to all applicable laws. Reasons for assigning an interim director include, but are not limited to, the department director position is vacant, the current department director is on an approved long-term leave of absence, a reorganization, or other business-related need.

Interim director responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

A. Provide guidance and support to department staff;
B. Oversee the Implementation of established department objectives;
C. Coordinate with other city departments, outside agencies, and the public;
D. Attend meetings relevant to the department director position;
E. Meet regularly with the department’s managers to keep up to date on department business and to keep them informed of matters happening throughout the rest of the organization; and
F. Communicate regularly with the entire department to keep them informed of matters happening throughout the department and the city, including regular updates on the progress of filling the director position.
G. Taking corrective action in accordance with the applicable policies and regulations.

An interim department director is not authorized to do any of the following without consent of the mayor or the mayor’s designee:

A. Modify the department’s long-range or strategic plans;
B. Change department policy, processes or procedures;
C. Change terms and conditions of employment for any employee covered by a collective labor agreement; or
D. Modify the department’s operational or capital improvement project (CIP) budgets.


An interim director shall be compensated in accordance with the city’s compensation administration regulation. An interim director shall not serve for a period exceeding nine (9) months unless such extension is approved by the mayor or the mayor’s designee. Interim directors serve at the pleasure of the mayor and may be removed from the interim position at any time.

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