2.01f Emergency Hire - 90 Day - Regulation

Document Type: Regulation Number: 2.01f
Effective: 06-30-14
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This regulation sets forth the process departments are to follow when employing someone on a very short-term, temporary basis, not to exceed 90 consecutive days. It applies to the hiring of all emergency temporary workers unless otherwise outlined within a current collective labor agreement, civil service rule, or City policy or regulation.

The Mayor and City Council may select workers to serve in their respective offices by whatever employment process deemed reasonable by the Mayor and/or City Council and consistent with Boise City Code and applicable laws.

All temporary workers are at-will.

II. EMERGENCY HIRE DEFINED (90 Calendar Days or Less)

An emergency hire is someone brought in on short-notice, to fill a critical assignment for a period of time estimated to last 90 days or less. Emergency hire assignments may only be extended beyond 90 days with the Department Director’s approval in conjunction with Human Resources.


To hire someone into an emergency assignment, the hiring supervisor is required to do the following:

1. Confirm money is available within the department’s budget to fund the assignment.
2. Confirm with Human Resources the appropriate pay grade for the assignment.
3. Conduct reference checks as outlined in the City’s Hiring Process Regulation. Note: This is only required if the responsibilities of the position require working with minors or individuals with disabilities.
4. Submit a resume, status sheet, and reference checks (if applicable) to Human Resources effectuating the emergency employment assignment, leaving the Start Date blank.
5. Contact Human Resources to schedule an appointment for the candidate to complete new hire paperwork, criminal background checks, and other applicable testing required as a condition of employment for the assignment. Human Resources will notify the hiring supervisor when the candidate is clear to work. Supervisors are prohibited from permitting the candidate to begin work until the supervisor has been notified by Human Resources that the candidate has successfully passed all the required background checks.


Because emergency hires do not go through a competitive hiring process as outlined in the City’s Hiring Process Regulation, they are not eligible to be transferred or promoted into a regular position, nor can they be rehired again in an emergency hire capacity. However, the transfer/promotion/rehire rule does not apply if a competitive hiring process was used when hiring the emergency worker.

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