3.15e Jury and Witness Duty - Regulation

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Regulation Number: 3.15e
Effective: 05-01-06
Revised: 10-01-07
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This regulation applies to regular employees of the City of Boise. Jury and witness duty benefits for bargaining unit employees shall be governed by the provisions in their collective labor agreements when applicable. Temporary employees are not eligible for this benefit.


To encourage employees to carry out their civic responsibilities, free of financial hardship, the City compensates employees for time away from work that is spent serving as jurors or witnesses on matters unrelated to their job with the City of Boise. Compensation shall be at the employee’s regular rate of pay for each regularly scheduled hour of work that is missed. In addition, payments received from the court for jury/witness duty and/or mileage may be retained by the employee.
Time spent serving as a juror or a witness does not count as hours worked when determining overtime.

Employees must show the summons or court documents they receive to their supervisor as soon as possible after receipt. Advance notice helps the City make any needed scheduling adjustments. The employee shall immediately notify his or her supervisor to share whatever information the employee receives about the probable length of his or her absence. If not serving on jury or witness duty during his or her regularly scheduled work hours, an employee is expected to report to work.


Employees do not receive paid witness leave to attend trials in which they are plaintiffs or defendants, or in which they are testifying for a fee as expert witnesses. In this situation, the employee shall request and must be approved for a City leave, such as vacation.

Employees who are required by subpoena, summons, or by the City to attend a trial, hearing, or deposition related to their job will receive their regular rate of pay, but are not eligible for a witness fee or other compensation other than that allowed under City policies and regulations. Employees who receive a subpoena or summons are required to bring a copy to their immediate supervisor as soon as possible.

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