3.15l Parental Leave - Regulation

Document Type: Regulation
Number: 3.15l
Effective: 05-15-16
Legal References:



The City recognizes that it is in a unique position to be a model for other government organizations. As such, in an effort to provide an opportunity for parents to bond and welcome a new child to their family, the City offers paid parental leave.

Parental leave is available to regular, full and part-time employees, regardless of gender. Bargaining unit employees shall refer to parental leave programs, if any, outlined in their collective labor agreements for eligibility.


Parental leave refers to paid time off following the birth of an employee’s natural child or the legal placement of a child with an employee for the purposes of adoption. The maximum amount of paid parental leave is six (6) work weeks.

Parental leave shall only be taken in a single, continuous block of time; thus incremental leave is not permitted. This means employees are only eligible for parental leave one time in the 12 months following the birth/adoption date.
The employee’s actual workweek counts as a week of leave regardless of the number of hours worked, or whether the employee is full or part-time.


Employees become eligible for parental leave the first day of the month following 60 days of regular employment. The leave may be used only for the birth of the employee’s natural child or adoption of a child (up to the age of 18 years old) in order to promote bonding with the child. When an employee is eligible for Family Medical Leave (FML), paid leave under this program will run concurrently with FML (please refer to the Family and Medical Leave Regulation for details). Employees shall designate, at the time they request FML, when parental leave will be used during the FML period. FML eligibility does not dictate parental leave eligibility.


Parental leave shall be requested at least 30 days prior to the child’s anticipated due date/adoption date, absent any unforeseeable circumstances. To request parental leave, the employee shall complete a Request for Parental Leave form (see Exhibit 3.15m) and submit it to Human Resources in accordance within timeline specified above.

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