4.10d DOT Post Accident Test Protocol - Exhibit

Document Type: Exhibit
Number: 4.10d
Effective: 01-02-13
Revised: 07-25-2022
Legal References:


Post-accident DOT Alcohol tests shall be administered within 2 hours (and no later than 8 hours) and Post-accident DOT Drug test shall be administered within 32 hours when:

1. The accident involves loss of human life; or
2. The driver is cited for a moving violation in which the following applies:

a. Bodily injury to any person, requiring immediate treatment away from the scene of the accident; or
b. One or more vehicles are required to be towed from the scene of the accident.

Police personnel involved in critical incidents shall follow applicable department rules for testing.


Call: Accurate at 877-809-1356 The information below is required when you place your call:

  • Employee’s Name
  • The Reason for the Test – Post-Accident
  • Your Organization’s Name: City of Boise
  • Your Phone #
  • Your Supervisor Name and Phone Number
  • Location Address
  • Donor/Employee info – Name, Employee ID number, Phone Number, Address (zip code required)
  • Type of Test Needed – Drug and/or Breath Alcohol Test
  • DOT or Non-DOT
    • If DOT, modality is FMCSA
  • Drug Partner Account number: 121068

If a post-accident test is needed between 7:00pm – 7:00am CST, calls will be routed to the after-hours support team. If issues are experienced connecting, call 800-733-1676, option 2.

  • Once the above information is obtained, the after-hours support team will contact the Afterhours Coordinator (AFC) with the information.
  • Callbacks not received within 15 minutes, please call back and inform the after- hours support team you have yet to receive a call from the AFC.
  • The AFC will contact the caller and verify information. The AFC will also confirm if the donor/employee is able to go to a testing facility or if an onsite collection is required.
    • If the donor is able to go to a collection site, the AFC will attempt to locate a facility in the area that is able to conduct all required services. If the AFC is unable to locate a facility in the area, the AFC will default to an onsite collector.
    • If the donor is not able to go to a collection site, the AFC will coordinate an onsite collection.
  • Once the collection site or onsite collector is identified, the AFC will contact the caller with the clinic information or on-site collector name and ETA.

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