4.20t Tobacco Use - Regulation

Document Type: Regulation
Number: 4.20t
Effective: 05-01-06
Revised: 01-02-12, 04-08-14
Legal References: I.C. § 39-5501 et seq., B.M.C. 6-23, B.M.C. 13-3-8
Resolution #21562, RES-145-14


The City of Boise is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to promoting the health and well-being of its employees. As required by law and/or the City’s desire to provide a healthy work environment for employees, the use of tobacco and tobacco products that emit a vapor, including but not limited to, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, and chewing tobacco, is prohibited in the following locations:

A. Inside any City vehicle.

B. Within twenty (20) feet of entrances or exits to buildings owned or managed by the City.

C. In any City park, whether developed, undeveloped, or open space reserve, except for the areas specifically declared open to smoking within those parks or other nonpublic designated areas for employee tobacco use.

D. Inside any enclosed areas owned, leased, or operated by the City. The law defines an “enclosed” area as all space between a floor and a ceiling that is bounded on all sides by walls, doorways, or windows, whether open or closed. A wall includes any retractable divider, garage door, or other physical barrier, whether temporary or permanent.

If allowed within the above restrictions, the management of each facility will designate areas outside the facility where tobacco products may be used. All tobacco products should be disposed of properly. This regulation applies to all employees of the City of Boise.

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