4.25 Grooming - Policy

Document Type: Policy
Number: 4.25
Effective: 05-01-06
Legal References:


While it is the intent of the City of Boise that all employees dress for their own comfort during work hours, the professional image of the City is maintained, in part, by the professional appearance that our employees present to customers, vendors, and other visitors.

All employees should practice common sense rules of neatness, cleanliness, and comfort. Professional appearance also means that the City expects employees to maintain good hygiene and grooming while working.

The decision of whether dress or grooming is appropriate to the City’s business operations shall be left to the reasonable discretion of the Department Director or designee. Certain positions require specific clothing requirements, which will be explained to employees upon placement into those positions.

The City will make reasonable accommodations for dress or grooming directly related to employees’ religion, ethnicity, or disabilities. Employees should discuss any accommodation needs with their supervisor or the Human Resources department.

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