6.02 Injury/Illness on the Job and Workers Compensation - Policy

Document Type: Policy
Number: 6.02
Effective: 05-01-06
Legal References: I.C. §§ 41 & 72


The City of Boise is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of its employees and to meeting all applicable federal, state, and local laws or regulations pertaining to occupational injuries or illnesses.

The responsibility for the success of workplace safety is shared by management and all employees working for the City of Boise. The objective is to reduce or eliminate disabling injuries, illnesses, and occupational diseases. The City expects employees to exercise all precautions necessary to protect employees from all accidents. The City of Boise firmly believes that all accidents are preventable and employees are expected to take an active role in promoting workplace safety. Compliance with this policy and associated regulations is required of all employees as a condition of employment.

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