6.02aaaa Workers’ Compensation Time sheet Code Reference Guide

Document Type: Exhibit Number: 6.02aaaa (C)
Effective: 7-25-2019 Revised:

Workers’ Compensation Timesheet Code Reference Guide

This guide is to be used as a reference tool for timesheet coding for on the job injuries that result in lost time from work. Employee’s must have a doctor’s note to document all time off from work.

  • Injury Date: The employee should be paid in full for the date of injury. Employees are expected to return to work, unless the physician authorizes the employee is not fit for work.
  • Initial Time Loss: When an employee is injured, he or she may become eligible to receive weekly workers' compensation wage-replacement benefits after a five- calendar day waiting period mandated by Idaho's Workers' Compensation Law.
    • The following leave codes are available for employees to cover the 5-calendar day waiting period depending on what leave is available to the employee:
      • R5S-5 day waiting period sick leave
      • R5V-5 day waiting period vacation
      • R5C-5 day waiting period comp time
      • R5U-5 day waiting period unpaid
      • SS (Service Sick) Firefighter (Telestaff) use only

The five-day waiting period is waived if the employee is hospitalized overnight, or if they are off work due to the injury for over fourteen (14) days.

  • Extended Time Loss: the following code is to be used after the five-day waiting period if the employee is still not released to return to work by a physician.
    • RWO workers’ compensation off work – eligible for wage loss recovery (KOS) (benefit eligible employees)
    • RNU workers’ compensation off work – not eligible for wage loss recovery (KOS) (non-benefit eligible employees+) **see regulation 6.02a Injury/Illness on the Job and Workers’ Compensation for Wage Loss Recovery eligibility
    • SS (Service Sick) Firefighter (Telestaff) use only
  • Modified/Light Duty: the following code is to be used to track the hours that employees are working temporary modified duty (provided restrictions by their physician)
    • RWL workers’ compensation temporary modified duty
  • Medical Appointment: employees are allowed up to 2 hours per day, per appointment for medical appointments related to an accepted workers’ compensation injury.
    • RWM Medical Appointment (FMLA eligible -- total time off work is more than 3 days)
    • RCM Medical Appointment (non-FMLA eligible -- total time off work is less than 3 days)

Just as with sick leave, workers’ comp hours shall not be considered as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime or compensatory time.

For specific issues, please contact your payroll coordinator or the City Claims Administrator to discuss further.

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