7.15 Employment References - Policy

Document Type: Policy
Number: 7.15
Effective: 05-01-06
Legal References:


When requested by a prospective employer, the City of Boise may provide employment reference information relating to a current or former employee. If a response is given, the City will communicate personnel data confirming work location, position held, dates of employment, status, gross salary, salary history, classification, pay grade, and step. The City, at its discretion, may require that the current or former employee provide an authorization to release information as a condition for providing employment reference information or may decline to provide this type of employment reference information.

With written authorization from the employee, the City may provide substantiated qualitative information.

No City of Boise employee will provide a written or oral recommendation to assist in the employment of a person whom the employee knows to be unqualified or unfit to hold the position sought.

Authority to provide verbal or written employment reference information on behalf of the City is limited to a Department Director, Division Head, and/or Human Resources, unless specifically authorized by the Department Director or Division Head.

Employees, including elected officials, may give personal letters of recommendation in their individual capacity as long as they do not represent that they speak on behalf of the City. Use of City letterhead or stationary in this regard is prohibited.

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