Arts and History Department LEP Assessment and Plan

As part of the City of Boise’s Limited English Proficiency Assessments (LEP), the Arts and History Department has developed the following plan to provide meaningful access to its services for LEP populations. The plan will be updated biennial basis.

Four Factor Analysis

  1. The number or proportion of LEP persons served or encountered in the eligible service population. Much of the Department’s focus is on public art and music performances and because most of the Department’s programs are enrichment activities, it is assumed that the proportion of LEP persons encountered is similar to that in the general public in the City of Boise.
  2. The frequency with which LEP individuals come in contact with the program. Because of the public nature of much of the Department’s work, it is difficult to determine the number/frequency with which LEP individuals encounter Department programs. Other than in viewing general public artworks, listening to local music, or attending a special event, LEP individuals are most likely to encounter the Department through the Department’s grant process. Monthly, it is estimated that Department staff has three to four direct interactions with LEP persons.
  3. The nature and importance of the program, activity or service provided by the recipient to people’s lives. Most of the Department’s work focuses on enrichment and importance to the quality of life of LEP individuals. The service does not directly affect health, safety or welfare of the LEP population.
  4. The resources available to the recipient and the costs. The Department has “I Speak” language cards available at the front desk. The Department has “I Speak” language cards available at the front desk. If necessary, the Department is also able to use services available through the Clerk’s Office, located across the hall. Google translate has been installed on the Department’s website. In the Department, there is currently one bilingual staff who speaks Spanish.

Department Plan

Identifying individuals needing assistance

The Department regularly surveys front-line staff for instances of direct or indirect contact with LEP individuals. The Department also has “I Speak” cards available at the front desk. In addition, the Department includes within its outreach materials the following: “The City of Boise encourages persons with disabilities and those who require language assistance to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing an accommodation, please contact Jennifer Yribar, 208-608-7051 or email, as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours before the event.”

Language Assistance Measures

The Department will ensure that department flyers address provisions for providing language assistance if necessary. The Department will continue to locate “I Speak” cards at the front desk. They also have Google Translate installed on their website and have access to Google Translate on any front office computer where LEP individuals may be encountered. When an interpreter is needed in person or on the telephone, the Department will access the telephone language service – Language Line Solutions – and/or will obtain access to an interpreter through the Police Department’s Interpreter Contact list.

Training Staff

In addition to the training provided by the City, the Department will ensure that its staff understands its Title VI LEP responsibilities. Staff will also receive specific training on what language assistance services the City of Boise offers and specific procedures to be followed when encountering LEP persons.

Providing Notice to LEP Persons

The Department will continue to provide notice on its website and in its outreach materials that language assistance is available upon request. In addition, a notice in Spanish has been posted at the front desk of the Department explaining that language assistance is available upon request. Since 2009, the Department has made a concerted effort to meet with leaders in the refugee community to inform them about its Arts & History grant program and to encourage them to apply. The Department estimates that it met with approximately 10 leaders in the refugee community and through the use of informal translators was able to sufficiently convey the grant process to the members of that community.

Monitoring & Updating the Plan

The Department will monitor and update this plan on a regular basis, but not less than triennially. At minimum, the Department will examine how many LEP persons were encountered and determine if their needs were met. The Department will also review its documents to determine if any of them should be translated into other languages and to determine if more program-specific outreach should be undertaken. It will also look at any complaints received and learn how to better serve the LEP population through those complaints.

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