A City for Everyone

Citizen-Centered Transition Committee Reports

From Mayor Lauren McLean

When I began to set priorities that would guide our new administration's early days in City Hall, I did so not just with our community in mind, but with our community. 

What none of us could possibly have known at the time is that we would be faced with a global pandemic that would threaten our families, jobs and entire community. These past few months have challenged our city, state and nation in ways we’ve never experienced. I’ve been incredibly proud in recent weeks to see Boiseans come together to respond to the tremendous challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.  

Citizen-Centered Transition Committee Reports

As we move through the difficulties presented by the pandemic and forward to the future of recovery and resiliency, I’m releasing citizen-centered transition reports that focus on our collective vision of a “City for the Everyone.”  

The reports include a series of recommendations to guide the short term, first year and first four years of my term as mayor. It’s important to note that the content of the reports is not altered because I believe it is important to share with the community the ideas from their neighbors as presented.  

The path these recommendations paint is based on community needs, vision and a strong hope for the future in which everyone can find an affordable place to live, has a good job, where our commutes are short, and our air is clean. These transition recommendations for action will also help protect beloved open spaces just as quickly as sustainable development takes place. They offer strong suggestions on how to create a City Hall that is responsive to and represents all Boiseans, where all voices are heard. 

I’m deeply grateful for the hard work of the community members that created these transition reports, completing their work prior to the public health crisis our city, state and world are currently experiencing. Their recommendations do not reflect our current crisis and the reality that we will have to prioritize. 

Today I find many of their recommendations even more important, because we’ll need bold and urgent solutions. Many of the issues we discussed during the election campaign – increased economic opportunity; housing policy to meet the needs of our residents; transportation to connect us with jobs; and the innovation that climate change requires – will form the basis of our recovery.  

Each committee aimed high and dreamed big. It’s a tall order and inspiring to read these reports; and now I’ll prioritize given the community health crisis we’re facing, its economic and social impacts and the steps we must take to ensure our community recovers and is more resilient than ever. 

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