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Current Stage: 3

As of Saturday, May 30, 2020 the City of Boise is in Stage 3 of the Idaho Rebounds staged reopening plan.

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If you have symptoms of a fever or cough, call your medical provider to find out if you should be tested for coronavirus.

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Stage 3 Information

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List of open City of Boise facilities and services.

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Stage 3 Information

The City of Boise has adopted the State of Idaho's staged reopening plan, Idaho Rebounds, with the following additional safety precautions.

  • For Businesses: Businesses in Boise are required to adhere to the business protocols outlined in the the State of Idaho's staged reopening plan.
  • For Individuals:
    • Gatherings: Limit group gatherings to 50 people or fewer
    • Physical Distancing: Individuals need to practice physical distancing by maintaining at least six (6) feet minimum physical distance from other individuals, whenever possible.
  • For Airport Travelers: Access to the Boise Airport terminal is open only to:
    • Ticketed airline passengers
    • Individuals accompanying a ticketed airline passenger, provided the passenger needs assistance with arrival or departure
    • Individuals in vehicles who are at the passenger pick up and drop- off locations waiting for or dropping off ticketed passengers
    • Individuals in rental vehicles at the airport pick up and/ or drop off rental car locations
    • Additionally, the amended Statewide Stay Healthy Order by Idaho Governor Brad Little encourages a 14-day self-quarantine for people entering Idaho from another country or from an area outside Idaho with substantial community spread or case rates higher than Idaho. More information, including exceptions to this rule can be found at

This information is outlined in Public Health Emergency Order 20-07.

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City of Boise Facilities and Services

The following is a list of open facilities and provided services. Please note that many City of Boise Services are being provided online and over the phone. For questions about a specific service or facility, please contact (208) 608-7000.

Boise Airport
The Boise Airport remains open for the traveling public. We recommend passengers arrive 90 minutes before departure, and passengers should utilize close-in parking, as the Economy Parking Lot is closed.

Boise Parks and Recreation
Please remember to practice physical distancing when using any of these facilities. 

Boise Public Library

  • Curbside Service: All Boise Public Library locations extend curbside service hours for pick-up and drop-off of materials to 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday and 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Saturdays
  • Computer Appointments: Technology appointments and computer access is offered at the Main Library by appointment only beginning. A limited number of appointments are available each day. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling (208) 972-8200.
  • Book Drops will open on June 1 and be open 7 days a week at all Boise Public Library locations.

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Department of Finance and Administration

  • Parking Enforcement: Downtown parking enforcement will resume for Zones 1 and 2. Zone 3 will remain free.
  • Code Enforcement continues with no public interaction required. 
  • Business Licensing applications for any new license or renewal can be completed through the online application process. Applications requiring fingerprinting will be handled by appointment only.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Enforcement continues with no public interaction. 
  • E-Scooters continue service. 

Downtown Parking for Takeout Orders
There will be free parking available on every street near a restaurant or bar that will be dedicated for takeout orders. These parking spaces will be easily identified – please look for the sign on each space that is dedicated for this purpose.

Closed Facilities

The following City of Boise facilities remain closed:

  • City Hall - Open by appointment for certain services. Please contact the department directly.
  • City Hall West - Open by appointment for certain services. Please contact the department directly.
  • Boise Public Library facilities - Open by appointment for certain services and curbside services only.
  • Fort Boise, including the Dick Eardley Senior Center (Meals on Wheels meals will still be provided through curbside pick-up service)
  • Idaho IceWorld
  • Zoo Boise
  • Boise WaterShed
  • James Castle House
  • All City of Boise outdoor pools
  • Basketball courts and volleyball courts

Download the Staged Reopening Plan for City Facilities and Services

City of Boise Public Meetings

Beginning the week of June 8, Boise City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission will begin to have hybrid meetings – offering both remote and in-person attendance opportunities. Design Review and Historic Preservation will continue remote meetings, allowing for remote public testimony. Other boards and commissions can meet remotely if deemed necessary by the Mayor and Department Director or as otherwise legally required.


Federal Funds Transparency

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has had unexpected, major financial implications on communities around the country, including the City of Boise. The federal government is providing funding to help offset financial impacts of the pandemic so that cities can recover and thrive.


City of Boise Internal Opening 

The internal plan for the staged reopening of City of Boise facilities and services is focused on the health and safety of our employees and the public. Our requirements are more stringent than those being required of other businesses. We think it is important to get this right and to model this for the community. 

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