2022 City of Boise Legislative Updates

March 1, 2022

This week, the City of Boise is tracking House Bill 676 (HB 676) which aims to restrict local governments’ ability to work in partnership with businesses and event organizers on protocols around firearms at public events.  

The proposed bill poses several serious impacts to businesses, non-profits, and local government. These include: 

  • Restricting the ability of local governments to work in partnership with private businesses and event organizers with respect to any limitations of firearms at public events. 
    Currently, private event organizers create their own safety measures when working with the City of Boise to obtain an event permit. The restrictions on firearm regulations at public venues and/or facilities raises questions regarding how local governments can work with private entities to ensure their event’s safety regulations are accommodated.  
  • Preventing private entities that use public property from regulating firearms within their business or organization. 
    The City of Boise leases property to several non-profit partners that would now be prohibited from regulating firearms if they lend their facility for use by an outside entity for a private event.   
  • Creating confusion regarding federal firearm regulations versus state regulations for the Boise Airport (BOI). 
    The City of Boise owns and operates BOI, the state’s largest airport, and leases significant commercial space to private tenants that would now be subject to this legislation if they were to host a private event. Given federal regulations regarding firearm restrictions, HB 676 creates legal confusion regarding what authority private airport tenants may have to enact their own firearm regulations.  

Additionally, the bill would prevent the City of Boise from requiring licenses and/or registration for firearms brought on City facilities. And it would also create severe legal liabilities aimed at individuals and businesses who enact firearm regulations that are best suited for their organization and customers if an individual felt their rights were violated under this bill.  

Due to the serious impacts of HB 676, the City of Boise opposes this bill.  

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