Legislative Update: April 8, 2021

This week the Legislature reconvened after a two-week recess. The City of Boise is tracking two bills that are yet to be voted on. We’re continuing to watch Senate Bill 1111 (SB111), which, if passed, would establish districts for local elections, requiring city council members to be elected bydistrict within their city.We are also closely tracking House Bill 319, which aims to move elections of all city officers, mayors, as well as municipal bonds and levies to even-numbered years on the November general election ballot. The City of Boise opposes this proposed bill for several reasons:  

  • It would complicate the implementation of city council election districts. 
  • It would align non-partisan elections with partisan federal, state and legislative races, therefore jeopardizing the non-partisan nature of city elections.  
  • It conflicts with Idaho Code §50-405, which requires that council positions must serve two or four-year terms. In order to move to an even year election cycle, it would require a currently elected official to extend their term by one year or require an additional election to select a council member who would serve for a one-year terms, neither of which are currently allowed under Idaho Code.  

Lastly, HB 311 which would have added unnecessary costs to a City’s ability to resource and manage public art, was sent back to the House Revenue & Taxation Committee, where it has died.  

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