Legislative Update: February 11, 2021

The Legislature introduced House Bill 073 (H0073), which would require a uniform approach to budget transparency and reporting from local governments and education providers.

Earlier this year, the City of Boise introduced a new, easy-to-use open budget platform for residents to be able to access information related to the city’s budget.

While the City of Boise has provided extensive information about our finances through the annual budget book, as well as printed and online materials, those documents are static. The new platform provides access to the city’s budget in a simplified, interactive format. Residents can easily find details around the City of Boise’s budget, spending and staffing.  

We are also continuing to track Senate Bill 1048 (SB 1048), which focuses on limiting local government budgets, which would limit how cities are able to provide essential services, such as public safety, water and parks, to residents. 

Follow the progress of both bills:

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