Legislative Update: February 25, 2021

This week the City of Boise is continuing to track Senate Bill 1108 (SB1108), which is focused on limiting the necessary budget growth for local governments to continue to provide instrumental services – public safety, sewer services, parks maintenance, etc. – to residents. If passed, SB1108 will not provide the property tax relief residents desperately need. Instead it will threaten the local city services that define our community and prevent local governments from responding to the needs of our residents. 

We recognize and fully support legislation that would provide much needed relief to residential property taxpayersThe City of Boise will continue to advocate for true relief solutions like re-indexing the homeowner’s exemption, enhancing access to the state’s circuit breaker program and development impact fees. These programs would increase the amount of home value residents would be able to exempt on their tax bill, increase access to an assistance program for Idahoans in need, and finance the building of new schools to accommodate the growing number of Idaho schoolchildren. 

We are happy to have support of our fellow Idaho Mayors and County Commissioners around these common-sense solutions. They shared the detrimental impacts SB 1108 would have on their communities in a press conference. Residents are welcomed to watch the full press conference 

Follow the progress of SB 1108 

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