Legislative Update: January 28, 2021

This week the City of Boise is tracking a new bill that was introduced at the Legislature, House Bill 45 (HB 45), and is continuing to follow Senate Bill 1021 (SB 1021) 

If passed, HB 45 would prevent local governments from appropriately determining how to regulate the rental housing market so that it serves the best interest of both tenants and landlords. The bill would prohibit local officials taking reasonable measures on rental fees, applications fees and security deposits.  

In 2019 the City of Boise City Council adopted Rental Fee Application Ordinance that outlines application criteria for rentals, requirements for property owners, a set amount for rental fees, rules for current tenants, and potential fines. This ordinance creates greater transparency in the assessment and processing of rental application fees, and helps renters better manage the fees associated with rental applications.  

In a competitive housing market, local housing ordinances ensure renters have equitable access to shelter that is affordable and allows landlords to navigate a clear process for reviewing tenant applications.HB 45 would jeopardize this work.  

SB 1021 aims to tie property tax growth to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a rate that is far lower than the annual service cost increases the City faces for public safety, water, parks, and other critical services, and capping property tax budgets at 4% before requiring a public vote. The proposed bill would have a significant negative impact on Idaho cities already struggling economically amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We shared a full update on the implications of SB 1021 in last week’s update, which can be found below.

Follow the progress of both bills: 

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