'Boise Kind' Initiative Builds on Boise's Core Values

Message from the Mayor

Kindness is defined as any action in which one person puts the needs of another ahead of their own.

While Boise certainly doesn’t have a monopoly as the only kind community, I think all of us recognize that there is something special about our city and its residents. You may have heard me talk about it in terms of that little wave you get from Boiseans when you let them into traffic – it’s so nice that such small gesture of courtesy and gratitude can have such a positive impact on someone’s day.

Community Vigil for Wylie Street Survivors

But Boise’s fundamental kindness goes much deeper than that. For me the real “a-ha” moment was at the vigil held at City Hall after this summer’s mass stabbing. Our community’s heartfelt reaction to that horrible event was one of the proudest moments I’ve experienced -- not only as mayor, but as a Boisean. Well over 1,000 people turned out to express their support and heartache at what had happened. No matter our beliefs or backgrounds, we were all there as Boiseans.

Today, we were excited to announce a new community-wide initiative to highlight, protect and promote those core community values that are at the heart of making Boise such a kind and welcoming city. I was most excited to have key education, non-profit, corporate and faith leaders from the community stand with me and pledge their support to the initiative.

Called Boise Kind, it has three primary elements that we hope will spark a broad community-based campaign to foster and spread its key goals. Those elements are:

Kindness Count

Document millions of acts of kindness by encouraging and inspiring community members to commit acts of kindness and document them using a digital tool (March 2019).

Boise Kind Day

An annual day of service/volunteering hosted by the City of Boise and initiative partners (Summer 2019).

School Partnership

Partner with the school district on encouraging and documenting acts of kindness among students (Fall 2019).

Other Boise Kind goals include raising money for charitable causes in the city and facilitating grass-roots, resident-led acts that foster kindness. To get immediately involved, Boiseans can inspire kindness among their friends and families and to capture and share acts of kindness by using the hashtag #BoiseKind.

L-R: Karen Vauk; Bill Connors; Darrel Anderson; Jeff Rosenthal; Mayor David Bieter; Lori Shandro; Rabbi Dan Fink; and Dr. Don Coberly

Joining me today for the announcement were Dr. Don Coberly, superintendent of Boise Schools; Bill Connors, CEO of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce; Lori Shandro, co-founder and producer of Treefort Music Fest; Darrel Anderson, president and CEO of Idaho Power; Karen Vauk, president and CEO of The Idaho Foodbank; Jeff Rosenthal, CEO of the Idaho Humane Society and Rabbi Dan Fink of the Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel.

Each has pledged their and their organization’s support to Boise Kind. I cannot say enough about their support and what it will mean to the long-term success of Boise

Ultimately, Boiseans simply accept that being kind is part of who they are – it’s their natural way of being. With this initiative, we want to bring it to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Highlight it. Enhance it. Because, if we continue to embrace and openly embody the kindness, civility and respect that has helped build Boise into what it is today, our future will indeed be bright.

With the holiday season upon us, I wish you and yours all of the best blessings life has to offer. As we go about our traditions for this time of year, whatever they may be, keep that spark of kindness in your heart for everyone you meet.

Thank you for all that you do to make Boise the most livable city in the country and a very Happy Holidays!



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