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If you wish to file a complaint, inquiry, commendation, appeal, or suggestion regarding a member of the Boise City Police Department, please complete the form below. Please fill in as much information as possible, including your contact information. 

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The Office of Police Oversight relies upon the truthfulness and good intentions of those community members who choose to file a complaint about the actions of a Boise law enforcement officer. We do insist that every person who files a complaint with the Office of Police Oversight provide information that they believe to be true and accurate. Intentionally and knowingly providing false information in the filing of a complaint is a serious matter. It is a breech of trust. It compromises the integrity of the "community feedback" process we depend on. It is also unfair to an officer whose professional and personal reputation may be at stake. Evidence sufficient to form a reasonable belief that a complainant has knowingly made a false allegation of misconduct by a Boise Police Officer or employee will be forwarded to the city prosecutor for consideration of criminal charges against the complainant. (Boise City Code 05-02-9, Idaho Statute 18-5413)

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