Types of Formal Cases

You may file a complaint, submit an inquiry, commend a Boise Police officer or employee, appeal a Boise Police Department internal investigation finding or submit a suggestion regarding a member of the Boise Police Department to the Office of Police Oversight.

Types of Cases

The Office of Police Oversight handles the following types of cases:


An appeal can be filed with the Office of Police Oversight within 30 days after the complainant has received a response from an investigation conducted by the Boise Police Department and is not satisfied with the results of the investigation.

Upon receipt of an appeal, the director reviews the internal investigation conducted by the Boise Police Department and determines whether or not the investigation was complete and thorough. The director may issue a finding based on the strength of the department's own internal investigation or conduct an additional investigation and then issue a finding.


The Office of Police Oversight opens a formal case every time a community member praises the actions of officers in a specific incident. This type of case is called a commendation. The Office of Police Oversight gladly takes these commendations and forwards them to the officer and chief of police.


The Office of Police Oversight opens a case whenever a person complains about the actions of one or more Boise Police officers or employees. If the actions being described by a complainant are such that, if found to be true, they would constitute a violation of either police department policy or law, the case may be classified as a complaint

Critical Incident

A critical incident is an event that involves the use of deadly force, or an event in which police actions result in death or serious bodily injury. City ordinance requires that the director of the Office of Police Oversight be notified immediately whenever an employee of the Boise City Police Department is involved in a critical incident.  When a critical incident occurs, the director has the authority to conduct an independent administrative investigation into the incident.


Inquiries constitute the largest percentage of formal cases. Inquiries are the name given to an allegation, concern, question, or suggestion concerning police or law enforcement operations, policies, practices, or training that does not, on its face, suggest a provable violation of either policy or procedure. Additionally, most investigations are initially classified as an Inquiry to allow investigators to conduct a preliminary investigation for the purposes of classification. If, during a preliminary investigation, the investigator finds exonerating evidence or circumstances, the investigation may be concluded without formally classifying the investigation as a complaint.

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