When a person contacts the Office of Police Accountability with an acclamation providing recognition of an officer's exemplary conduct or meritorious actions, the office gladly receives the commendation and forwards it to the officer and the Chief of Police.

Reports are categorized by the year issued, not the year opened. For additional information, please contact us.

2018 Boise Police Commendations

OPO18-0013 - April 4, 2018

Officers responded to a residence following a report of a male subject who was out of control and possibly suicidal. Officers learned from speaking with the subject that he had recently received bad news and that he was not reacting to it very well. During the contact, officers could see that the subject had an open wound on his hand. After a few minutes of unproductive dialog with the subject, he abruptly entered a room of the house where he took a fighting stance. As more officers arrived to the scene, the subject clearly prepared for a physical confrontation. However, one of the officers de-escalated the situation by explaining to the subject that they did not want to fight or hurt him. The efforts seemed to be effective as the subject backed-down from their fighting stance and sat on a nearby mattress where officers continued to speak with the troubled individual. Ultimately, officers were able to take the subject into protective custody, avoiding a use of force. The director of Police Oversight, Natalie Camacho Mendoza, commended the officers on the scene for their efforts.  

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