Fall Camps and Holiday Drop-In Activities

The City of Boise offers a variety of camps and drop-in activities to encourage activity and learning outside the traditional classroom.

Preschool Open Gym | Walking - Age 5

Preschoolers will love playing with toys, gym scooters and age appropriate gym equipment in the Fort Boise Community Center gym. This activity is available Oct. 2 through April 30 and the cost is $1 per child.


Holiday Camps

Keep learning through winter break by enrolling your child in one of our holiday camps! Popular offerings include Rec ‘Em camp where participants get to explore a number of activities throughout the city including ice skating, sports, swimming and more.

Boise Parks and Recreation also offers rock climbing camp and a variety of STEM camps. Learn more on page 15 and page 21 of the Activity Guide.

Environmental Education Programs

Visit the Boise WaterShed and stay active this fall and winter. Adults and children can learn together during Thanksgiving drop-in and on WaterShed weekends (held Sept. through Dec.). Learn More on page 14 of the Activity Guide.

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