Inclusion Services

We support the Americans with Disabilities Act and inclusion of all people in our programs. If you would like an accommodation, because of a disability, to do a program with Boise Parks and Recreation, please notify us a minimum of two weeks before the program starts. This time allows us to discover what would be helpful and time to find the staff or equipment needed to set each person up for success! Please note, there are no additional fees required when a person receives an accommodation.

There are several ways to request an accommodation:

  • If you are registering in person or over-the-phone, please let the registration staff know that you need an accommodation. They will pass your information onto the correct person.
  • If you are registering online, please contact Emily Kovarik at (208) 608-7687 or via email.

Please note that all accommodations are individualized (as required by the American with Disabilities Act). Modifications may include:

  • Hiring a sign language interpreter for a program or meeting
  • Providing additional training for the general recreation staff
  • Adaptations to programs
  • Providing enhanced staff or a 1:1 staff to accompany a person in a class

We believe that all of our staff members should be able to work with every participant. Because of this, we encourage and train staff in a program or camp to work with all children or adults. If a 1:1 staff is required, it will be provided, but the person who is supporting the participant may switch throughout the day(s).

Participant Personal Needs

Volunteers and staff are not prepared to handle significant personal care needs (including but not limited to toileting, feeding, administering medications, etc.). Individuals with these needs will need to provide their own support and inform Adaptive Recreation at the time of registration.

Participant Behavior Standards

Behavior issues can be a part of many disabilities. Adaptive Recreation makes every attempt to accommodate the aspects of individuals' disabilities.  Please alert the office at (208) 608-7680 in advance regarding issues of concern so that we can work together to ensure a positive, safe experience for participants, volunteers and staff.

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For other after hours park related emergencies (i.e. irrigation issues, restrooms), please call (208) 489-6640.