Cemetery Fee Schedule

The following is a list of fees for Morris Hill and Pioneer Cemeteries. Prices effective 10/1/2023 through 9/30/2024.

Only 4 remains total on one standard lot- 1 casket plus 3 ashes or 4 ashes. Only 2 markers allowed per lot. 

Burial Services

Adult Interment (includes vault handling, lowering device and burial setup)$730
Infant Interment (includes vault handling, lowering device and burial setup)$325
Inurnment of Ashes (includes vault handling and burial setup)$505
Inurnment of Ashes - Niche (includes vault handling and burial setup)$240
Crypt Entombment


Adult Extended Use License (on an occupied grave, in addition to inurn fee)$438
Infant Extended Use License (on an occupied grave, in addition to inurn fee)$335

Certificates of License to Inter

Flat Marker Lots (currently unavailable)$1,045
Monument Lots$1,645
Ash Lots (Ash Garden)$560
Infant Lots (lots are sold next in line)$305
Mausoleum – Single Granite Wall Niche*$1,100
Pioneer Cemetery Lots$2,350

**Mausoleum purchase includes one key. Additional key can be purchased.


Extra Chairs (6 total)$40.75
Documentation Fee$88
Overtime Fee (weekdays, starting at 4 p.m.)$237/hour
Saturday Services$407/hour
Sunday or Holiday Charges$655/hour

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