City of Trees Challenge

The City of Boise is leading a new movement for community recovery and climate resiliency – we’ve set a big goal – and we need your help to make it happen. Together, over the next decade we will plant one tree for every household in the city, that’s 100,000 trees, an average of 27 trees planted every day! We also challenge our community to sponsor one seedling for every person in the city in our forests across the world.

One tree for every household in the city; One seedling for every person in the city.
Our Goal

Especially now, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the global climate crisis. It feels too big for an average person to have any impact. It’s hard to know where to start. Scientists at NASA and elsewhere have told us that we can offset carbon dioxide by planting trees if we plant a lot of them, up to 1 trillion trees. If you break that number down and divide it into countries, states, cities, and people, there’s a part we can all play locally.

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The City of Trees Challenge aligns directly with the city's Vision, Mission and Values by: creating LASTING environments, cultivating INNOVATIVE enterprises and building VIBRANT communities.

The city is collaborating with the Treasure Valley Canopy Network to engage Boise residents. The Network will help us involve the local green industry to build economic recovery and resilience and leverage non-profit organizations locally and around the world to support this effort.

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    Trees Planted

    Tree lined street in Boise



    The path to a resilient Boise begins today! As we heal from the global health and economic crisis, we will come together as Boiseans and support our local businesses and green industry, to build a more resilient community and environment for the future. Tree planting will begin at a small scale this spring and expand with a larger launch in fall 2020 and continue for the next decade.

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    The City of Trees Challenge responds to the call to action from NASA, The Treasure Valley Forest Carbon Assessment and the City's Community Forest Management Plan.

      • This community-wide initiative inspires Boiseans to plant a new tree for every household across the city - in every corner of every neighborhood.
      • We will grow the impact in forests around the state by empowering Boiseans to sponsor a forest seedling for every Boise resident (235,000 seedlings).
      • Through our collective relationships with state, national and worldwide organizations, Boise and the Treasure Valley Canopy Network will challenge cities across Idaho, the United States and the World to join in this effort.
    Tree lined pathway



    Trees cultivate and stimulate our green economy generating 10,000 seasonal and full-time jobs and over $650 million in sales. The City of Trees Challenge and partners will grow that bottom line.

    Community Forestry
    Management Plan

    Esther Simplot Park



    Through partnerships with the local green industry we will together grow 100,000 trees to be planted on public and private land.

    Boise's trees provide an estimated $500,000 in stormwater benefit, $300,000 in reduced summer energy use and $3.3 million in air quality benefit.

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    The City of Boise has received a Tree Cities of the World designation from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Arbor Day Foundation. The international program celebrates cities across the globe that meet core standards for the care and planning of urban trees and forests. 
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