Spring Tree Giveaway

Giveway Information

Date: May 1, 2021

Location: Liberty Park, 520 N. Liberty St.

Welcome to the 2021 Spring Tree Giveaway from the City of Trees Challenge!  Please click the link or scroll down to view the available tree varieties.  More information about most of the trees can be found in the Treasure Valley Tree Selection Guide. If you find a tree that will work well in your planting space please fill out the request form at the bottom of this page and a representative will be in contact with more information. For this event the City of Trees Challenge will be partnering with the Liberty Park Neighborhood Association.

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Planting Tips

Congratulations on your new addition! This tree will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family if planted and cared for properly. Here are some simple tips to make sure you give it a good home:

  • Make sure the tree is planted in an area where it can grow to maturity. Be aware of overhead power lines and nearby structures that can be damaged by branches or roots.
  • Dig a hole twice the width of the tree container and have the root flare at or just above grade level. If you received a bag of compost with your tree make sure to work the compost into the soil around the roots. This will enrich that soil and help your tree grow.
  • Water the tree immediately after planting to allow dirt to settle and roots to establish.
  • Adding mulch will help retain water around the roots of the tree and build up the soil over time.
  • Stake tree only if necessary.

Tree planting and care, including an instructional video

Treasure Valley Tree Selection Guide


Planting a Tree

There is a perfect time to plant a tree and the perfect place to plant one in every yard.

Ideally, trees should be planted during the dormant season - in the fall after leaf drop or in early spring before bud break. Weather conditions should be cool to allow plants to establish roots in new locations before spring rains and summer heat stimulate new top growth.

You can get additional, more detailed information in this downloadable PDF.

Tree Varieties

Red Oak, credit J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Red Oak

Average Height: 50 feet

Average Spread: 45 feet

Description: Often brilliant red autumn coloring with deep lobed dark green leaves ending in sharp points. New leaves pinkish in spring. Large tree a favorite of birds/mammals.

Swamp White Oak, credit J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Swamp White Oak

Average Height: 40 feet

Average Spread: 30 feet

Description: A sturdy mid-size oak. Leaves are leatherier and somewhat smaller than some oaks. Acorn is smaller with no brush fringe. Highly prized by birds/small mammals. Hardy/ tough oak for Idaho.

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Eligible to residents living within Liberty Park and Borah neighborhoods.

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